24 October 2010

Maybe Baby

hey guys, ok, i've been promising to post this poem up to a few of my friends for a long time now, a poem i wrote on March 25th 2010, a day i will always remember, for a variety of reasons.
Not gonna get into the background behind the poem, or the impetus for this form of written expression.
i'll leave that up to you.
Anyway, here it is, comment please, the more critical you are the more i'll appreciate it. gracias.

Maybe Baby

she says we share a bond like no other, that sometimes laying in my arms is like that parallell to her mother.

she says i not only do i tick every box, but i am the box, 
knowledge like no man before, calm enough to never start the battle, 
but ruthless enough to end the war, 

to her friends she will boast
that the quiet one is the one is the one we must fear most.

she says i am the one, not like Neo, No.
but like the one who you wake up in the morning for, 
for i am the first thing on her mind, at the break of dawn,
for i am multiple, like the chess piece, the pawn.

you see to her, when it comes to me, all signs point to success,
you see to her, Drakes song is about me, she says, baby YOU the best.

she says when we met, she never thought of me in THAT way..
that i was a surprise and the moves i made on her heart, can't be replaced

not by one, by two, by three or by four...
all of this shit she tells me....i ignore.

For i know that she is a maybe baby

so i tell her, to leave.me.alone.

i say, i do not want to be like your mother,
i want to be your lover

i say to her, that you cannot put me in a box,
i am not a box, fuck the box,
sides i do not have four,
i am infinte, as above and more.

i say to her, your friends know all about thee,
your every example of what's good in your life begins with me,

you are telling them about my quiescence,
my undisturbed valour, values all, a boyfriend makes, 
this opportunity you do not take.

i say to her, i am not a pawn, nor am i the king in your chess game
i am the queen, without me, this game has no name,
i am the queen, pushing all out in order to protect the king, i am the queen,
sadly, my heart...you have on a string.

i say to her, stop telling me all of these things if we cannot be together,
i am not here for hurt, pain or disdain...
i am not here for your maybe's hanging on to every hope that one day you can be my baby.

i am not here for your maybe's,
i am here for your heart, your soul, even your crazy,
i am not here for your maybe's, i am here because one day, i want you to have my babies.

Stay Up

if only i could post up the reply to this, filled with the emptiest words i've ever read.....maybe one day.

12 October 2010


Ola muchachas, today i'm not going to get all philosophical and deep on you, yes, i know, sad times indeed, but rather i want to talk about this years X-Factor (the first time i've ever taken an interest in the show) and how Twitter will revolutionize this year's competition.

So i got into it more-so because of my undying love for Rebecca, if anyone reads my tweets on a Saturday between 1930 and 2100 you'll know exactly what i mean.
Anyway, this years X-Factor has seen Twitter become a place of hilarity during the show, the brutal honesty and downright hilarious tweets from some of the people i follow has to be seen to be believed.

And it got me thinking about how much more exciting this years competition will be, whether you're a first timer like myself or a fan from the beginning like many others i know, you NEED to get yourself a twitter account and multi-task during the show and watch Televison with 200 other strangers, it's the most fascinating thing i've witnessed in the world of social media.

From critiquing the contestants  (i find it hilarious how we're all professional music critics when we watch these shows), to slagging off the judges for having an opinion that opposes ours, to the wardrobe of some of the contestants, (and by "some" i mean Storm and Katie) to the Cheryl Tweedy haters (you know who you are) to who tweeters find attractive and even down to the adverts shown during the show, shout out to Yeo Valley and the Reebok Easytone commercials.

So, for some of you Flinstones out there who don't have a Twitter account (shame on you) here are my top tweets from this past weekends show, by some of the people i follow.

Oh before you read these, please note, these are tweets people, these are not the exclusive opinions of the people behind the tweets, so if you're uber-sensitive about your reality/music talent shows, don't read any further.

@ And those silver leather-looking pants! Has he never seen the episode of Friends where Ross wears the leather pants!! Just no Storm!!

@ No fucking offence but I've heard cats having sex sounding better then these singing

@ i have a feeling within the 10 weeks x-factor is on, my tweets are gonna double

@ I love how Oompa Loompa And I HATE CHER Are trending. Has just made my night.

@ the new twist on  Dermot will read out our Tweets instead of judges comments

@ Princes and Rogues? More like Twits & Twats. They've ram-raided Urban Outfitters. Be gone.

@ Would u let him (Wagner) take u to his loveshack?

@ Danni do me a favor and shut up yeah thanks :)

sometimes, i feel that X-Fator should have a screen on the side with a running timeline of all the #xfactor tweets, now THAT would be entertainment.

so, what was your favourite tweet from Saturday and Sunday's show, who's your favourite artist and why.

Stay Up

*click the links of the twitter users to follow them.*

4 October 2010

In Thinker Mode

ok, its 01:07 and i've been in a pretty shitty mood all weekend, i can't sleep and i'm sitting here listening to Anthony Hamilton  'pass me over' on repeat, which, by the way, is one of my favourite songs, ever.

So i've been layin here in my bed, just going through things, trying desperately to get myself to fall asleep.
Anyway, an odd question popped into my head, one i'm quite aware of, but one i don't actually have a definitive answer to.

What is it about older women that i'm attracted to?

Quick history lesson, all the women i've ever taken seriously, as in, invested time and emotion into, has been older than me, by a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 9 years, with the exception of one girl who's a couple of years younger than me.
It's always been this way, even with those women i've had a "wam bam thank you mam" attitude towards, always older.

Whether a relative stranger or someone i've known previously, there is an aura about older women that i'm attracted to, whatever this supposed aura is, i'll never know, all i know is that it is something that attracts me like a moth to a flame.
As i've had substntial experience with said older women, lemme tell you, it does not come without it's fair share of negativity.

That negativity comes in the form of finding out the answer as to why she's single at this age, seemingly a beautiful woman with undeniable credentials, but yet, single.

That negativity comes in the form of being burned, badly. But that has it's benefit, after the heartbreak, depression, anger, acceptance, happiness cycle, the lesson learned is priceless.

This negativity comes in the form of having to admit "mama was right" when she told me to stay away from older women, because, as sad as it sounds, none of these relationships lasted, why? perhaps it has something to do with what an elder statesmen at my former job once told me "older women are never with a younger man for his sake"

Now i know what you're thinking, "why not try someone your age or younger?"
Believe me, i've tried, but i think because i've had invaluable lessons taught to me by my elders, so to speak, i find it very difficult to take seriously someone younger than me, and yes, no-one is more aware of the hypocrisy of this way of life than me, but it is what it is, i never said this life i live was fair.
Like i said, there is that one exception, she knows who she is, but sadly, she chose a different path, and i can live with that, i don't love her any less, because it's something i preach on this blog, live your own life, not the life others would have you live.

I'm not sure there's a point to this post, just thought i'd share, i'm in thinker mode at the moment.
Just wondering if anyone else out there has a certain trend they've noticed in their partners??
I guess like the song goes...

"if you catch me dreaming, please don't wake me 'til i'm done
just leave me sleeping, until the morning comes"

Stay Up

1 October 2010

The Revolt (blame Bangsandabun)

So today i'm on my blackberry just flicking through emails and a friends of mine, Tate, she sends me an email telling me about this website bangsandabun.com and how there's a new blog post about what men shouldn't wear, and i have to say, i agreed wholheartedly with the items that Bangs had listed.
            Now, what i found funny is that Tate doesn't know i've already been on bangsandabun many a time thanks to my desert loving friend, PurpleRamblings, so either way, eventually i would have seen the blog post, and of course, i'd have to make my own list of what women should not wear, don't roll your eyes at me, if Bangs can do it, so can I, equal rights and al that jazz.
So here goes.

Yes, i know, controversial, but i really cannot handle these so called shoes. Yes, "they're so comfortable" and i know i'm getting the proverbial finger from alot of my female readers right now, but i.don't.care.
Uggs are ruining the amazing shape women have, whether real or fake, fresh out the box or not, there is no instance in which these god awful shoes look good. Especially when they've been used and abused so much that now you can only walk to the left.
I'm not the only guy with this opinion either, a quick consensus of some of the guys i know agree with this, and to some, myself included, this, as they say, is a dealbreaker. Sorry
(guys, i've seen some of you wearing these monstrosities too, stop that shit immediately)

Chequered print handbags
Yes i said it, this too is the disease that has plagued women's fashion.
Now i for one, appreciate a woman's handbag, many a time it has saved my dignity, and my female friends have had a tissue at hand. What i am not a fan of is seeing a woman walking the streets with one of these bags, i don't care how expensive it was, or how "fashionable" you look, believe me, you don't. You look like an attention seeker. I know for a fact that these labels make bags that are much more subtle and much more elegant than this, so please just stop, this too is a dealbreaker.

Fly Eye Sunglasses
there is not one instance in which i, or any other man find this attractive.
If you're aware of the power a pair of beautiful eyes has on a man, you'll know better than to wear these sunglasses. If you gotta wear shades, what's wrong with a nice pair of Ray Ban aviators or some Dita Beretta's? thank goodness summer is over, coz many-a-time i've had to stop and just shake my head in disappointment at women with half their beautiful face covered by these so called sunglasses.
Yup, you guessed it, dealbreaker.

i could go on and on here, and lord please don't get me started on ballet pumps, so i'ma leave it here for now.
As shallow as it sounds, the way a woman dresses speaks volumes to me, your appearance is the only reason we as men cross a crowded room to come and speak to you, no man in the history of ever has crossed a room for "she looks like a lovely person"...sad but true.

"opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one"

Stay Up