24 May 2010

back on the blog

cheers to me, i made it through uni
hey people, long time no blog, been a while since i've been on here, mainly dues to the stresses of 3rd year uni.
Since my last post, i've completed my university education and can finally get round to seeiing all those people that i've neglected over the last couple of months or so, i promise to see everyone soon.

I gotta tell you, finishing uni and knowing that now i can do whatever i want with my life really, travel the world, sail the 7 seas, maybe even just get to doing all the sides of a rubik's cube, who knows?
This transitionary period has left me with a lot of time to sit and take a long hard look at my life and where it is, where it's been and where it will go, the "is" and "been" parts of my life, i can say i pretty much know what was and what is, so that's all good.

It's just this irritating "going" stage thats been bugging me of late. Right now i'm like one of those flame juggling circus acts, with all the flame handles in the air, not knowing which one is gonna come down first, which one i'll catch, which one will hit the ground and which one will burn my hand.

so i've been looking to those around me for guidance, for advice, books, movies, music, and the one recurring answer i keep finding is that, no-one knows, so i guess we'll just have to wait and see, obviously i'll blog about it, so you'll be in the loop, have no fear.

Okay, so in the last month and a half since my last post, a lot has changed, funny how things can change in a seemingly short period of time huh?

i've started writing poetry, some of which i one day wish to perform live in front of real people, and not just my mirror, or over the phone at 3am to crackheads alike.

i designed a tattoo for one of my oldest friends first born child, Brooklyn is baby boys name, i haven't seen him yet, but trusty facebook leads me to believe he is a bundle of love created by two great people whom i have much love and respect for, Congrats Lee and Sam.

i've been enjoying my smiles & cries, and i've been smiling more that i was a few months ago, not to mention the world cup is 3 weeks away, fingers crossed for the 3 lions.

Man, so much to enjoy and so much to learn from, so much to yearn for, so much burn for...
new blogs coming soon, will post up a poem or two in due course, but for now, as always...

Stay Up