24 October 2010

Maybe Baby

hey guys, ok, i've been promising to post this poem up to a few of my friends for a long time now, a poem i wrote on March 25th 2010, a day i will always remember, for a variety of reasons.
Not gonna get into the background behind the poem, or the impetus for this form of written expression.
i'll leave that up to you.
Anyway, here it is, comment please, the more critical you are the more i'll appreciate it. gracias.

Maybe Baby

she says we share a bond like no other, that sometimes laying in my arms is like that parallell to her mother.

she says i not only do i tick every box, but i am the box, 
knowledge like no man before, calm enough to never start the battle, 
but ruthless enough to end the war, 

to her friends she will boast
that the quiet one is the one is the one we must fear most.

she says i am the one, not like Neo, No.
but like the one who you wake up in the morning for, 
for i am the first thing on her mind, at the break of dawn,
for i am multiple, like the chess piece, the pawn.

you see to her, when it comes to me, all signs point to success,
you see to her, Drakes song is about me, she says, baby YOU the best.

she says when we met, she never thought of me in THAT way..
that i was a surprise and the moves i made on her heart, can't be replaced

not by one, by two, by three or by four...
all of this shit she tells me....i ignore.

For i know that she is a maybe baby

so i tell her, to leave.me.alone.

i say, i do not want to be like your mother,
i want to be your lover

i say to her, that you cannot put me in a box,
i am not a box, fuck the box,
sides i do not have four,
i am infinte, as above and more.

i say to her, your friends know all about thee,
your every example of what's good in your life begins with me,

you are telling them about my quiescence,
my undisturbed valour, values all, a boyfriend makes, 
this opportunity you do not take.

i say to her, i am not a pawn, nor am i the king in your chess game
i am the queen, without me, this game has no name,
i am the queen, pushing all out in order to protect the king, i am the queen,
sadly, my heart...you have on a string.

i say to her, stop telling me all of these things if we cannot be together,
i am not here for hurt, pain or disdain...
i am not here for your maybe's hanging on to every hope that one day you can be my baby.

i am not here for your maybe's,
i am here for your heart, your soul, even your crazy,
i am not here for your maybe's, i am here because one day, i want you to have my babies.

Stay Up

if only i could post up the reply to this, filled with the emptiest words i've ever read.....maybe one day.