1 October 2010

The Revolt (blame Bangsandabun)

So today i'm on my blackberry just flicking through emails and a friends of mine, Tate, she sends me an email telling me about this website bangsandabun.com and how there's a new blog post about what men shouldn't wear, and i have to say, i agreed wholheartedly with the items that Bangs had listed.
            Now, what i found funny is that Tate doesn't know i've already been on bangsandabun many a time thanks to my desert loving friend, PurpleRamblings, so either way, eventually i would have seen the blog post, and of course, i'd have to make my own list of what women should not wear, don't roll your eyes at me, if Bangs can do it, so can I, equal rights and al that jazz.
So here goes.

Yes, i know, controversial, but i really cannot handle these so called shoes. Yes, "they're so comfortable" and i know i'm getting the proverbial finger from alot of my female readers right now, but i.don't.care.
Uggs are ruining the amazing shape women have, whether real or fake, fresh out the box or not, there is no instance in which these god awful shoes look good. Especially when they've been used and abused so much that now you can only walk to the left.
I'm not the only guy with this opinion either, a quick consensus of some of the guys i know agree with this, and to some, myself included, this, as they say, is a dealbreaker. Sorry
(guys, i've seen some of you wearing these monstrosities too, stop that shit immediately)

Chequered print handbags
Yes i said it, this too is the disease that has plagued women's fashion.
Now i for one, appreciate a woman's handbag, many a time it has saved my dignity, and my female friends have had a tissue at hand. What i am not a fan of is seeing a woman walking the streets with one of these bags, i don't care how expensive it was, or how "fashionable" you look, believe me, you don't. You look like an attention seeker. I know for a fact that these labels make bags that are much more subtle and much more elegant than this, so please just stop, this too is a dealbreaker.

Fly Eye Sunglasses
there is not one instance in which i, or any other man find this attractive.
If you're aware of the power a pair of beautiful eyes has on a man, you'll know better than to wear these sunglasses. If you gotta wear shades, what's wrong with a nice pair of Ray Ban aviators or some Dita Beretta's? thank goodness summer is over, coz many-a-time i've had to stop and just shake my head in disappointment at women with half their beautiful face covered by these so called sunglasses.
Yup, you guessed it, dealbreaker.

i could go on and on here, and lord please don't get me started on ballet pumps, so i'ma leave it here for now.
As shallow as it sounds, the way a woman dresses speaks volumes to me, your appearance is the only reason we as men cross a crowded room to come and speak to you, no man in the history of ever has crossed a room for "she looks like a lovely person"...sad but true.

"opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one"

Stay Up


  1. uggs -tough. get over it! #team(fresh)uggs
    advertising bags - there was a time. but I'm over it now!
    odd shaped glasses - yes.yes. yes!

  2. I was the-anti-ugg until I was bought a pair for my b'day, but to be honest I don't wear them that often, even though they are very comfy, but once they start to lean... I don't care how much you paid you need to throw them away!! The printed bags I hate with passion!!! Why does everyone need to know who made your bag?? Quality, style, class?? Totally overlooked in those logo print bags very chavalicious in my opinion. The glasses, 'eh' each to their own - lol