4 April 2010

Smiles & Cries

The life and times of Idontliketea are that which everyone goes through, but there is always a little twist in my stories that when i tell people, i can just tell they're saying in their head "wow, better you than me"

i'm about 7 weeks from graduating from university, and alot is going on in my personal life, that at the beginning of the year i told myself i wouldn't get involved in and i would just focus on me.

But, the unknown is a wonderous thing, the unknown brings joy and pain, smiles and cries. We all go about our business, everyday, we have a plan, we have a schedule, we know what we will do today, that's OUR plan, the world has a whole different plan for us. How many times have you gotten home from your day at work, uni, wherever and just said "what a day" and said it only because things didn't go to plan?

Remember the movie Training Day, Ethan Hawkes character, officer Hoyt had no clue that his training day would end up the way it did, he anticipated his first day of training to become a detective.

Now, this is the joy of the unknown, sometimes we will meet people and go to places we never had the intention of meeting or seeing, and these are the moments of revelation to us.

These are the little points in life that will divert our paths far beyond what we ever had planned for our paths, the only thing we can guarantee is that the ride will be memorable, it might be long, it might be very brief, either way, we're strapped in and there's no looking back, the unknown is the ride at the theme park that we didn't even see when we got there, but it's the only ride we'll remember after we leave.
I recently got to talking about the unknown, and how in love especially, there is always the element of the unknown, but for me that is the best part, that you don't know what's going to happen, that you can't predict what will come of our actions, but personally, i'm happy to be on the journey, because some of the best things that have ever happened to me, only occured because i wasn't ready for them, all i had was my smiles and cries, and with the unknown...

"You gotta control your smiles and cries,
because thats all you have,
and nobody can take that away from you"

you have no control over anything else, only your smiles and cries, and god do i love those smiles and cries.

Stay Up