20 September 2010

I Know

so yesterday i'm on my twitter, and one of the people i follow, a friend of mine, tweeted something that was the impetus for this post, that, and also the song "I Know! by Bluey Robinson.

Anyway, the tweet was

"#youknowwhen no matter what you do to keep busy you just can't shake the feeling that something's missing #yeahthat :-( "

and i really hope she doesn't mind me putting that up, but it got me thinking about how you try to fill the minutes, the hours, the days, without that someone in your life, regardless of what you do

Music isn't the same, because music is like a time capsule, almost like how certain smells, no matter where you are, once you smell that scent, it's like the trigger to nostalgia.

And then you get those thoughts, much like my friend had.

So then tonight, i finally got round to listening to Bluey Robinsons music, and i YouTubed him, and his video for 'I Know' i started watching, and it was crazy how i almost fell in love with the song, because it pretty much sums up how so many people i know feel just the same as i do, which in essence we all know, but maybe we don't have someone else there to tell us "hey, t's ok, i know, i know exactly how you feel"

That someone doesn't even have to be your best friend or your family, in my case, it's the song.

What i'm getting at, before i go, is this, it hurts, more than anything before, it hurts that you feel alone in a room full of people, but it's not permanent,,

So even though you probably have amazing friends and family there to be by your side, i wanna let my friend, and also anyone else feeling a little downbeat by heartbreak, or whatever it might be....

i know, believe me, i know...i got you.

Stay Up