1 June 2011

Poem "Used To Be"

(One of a few new posts, a quick poem i wrote a long time ago after a bullshit situation i shoulda never got myself into, hope you enjoy)

Every now and then I get the feeling
seeing you again might be appealing. 

Then I realise I'm trippin,
Must be all this rum I'm sippin. 

Whether you were my wifey or my trifey.
I locked you off, rightly...so
Babygirl, you jus had to go.

Don't get caught up on this male
What I sell, isn't for sale
My one feeling...to buy, you failed. 

Coz my store is closed for refurbishment. 
The previous owner was a case of abandonment. 

Metal shutters are up, old mail piles up. 
Fuck all that, there is NO rewind, button. 
Free spirit now, you can't tell me nothin' 

Childish comments you can make,
even seems like you're half baked,  
Living in your life like a movie.
c'mon sweety, if i'd let you, again, you'd do me.

There is not cut and action
Just decisions and reactions

Apparently you can sell fire in hell.
Water to a well
Stop biting jay-z
You couldn't sell freedom in a cell.

Come at me with that dumb shit,
Please believe I don't give a shit 
Your feelings wrists I WILL slit 
Welcome to the part of me I keep in a gravel pit. 

Delete my number, my facebook and my twitter.
No one likes to see someone online and bitter.

i realise the irony in what i just said, 
like you realise the iron in you,
from giving me head.

Accept the fact you aren't for me, 
You'll never be a product of this satisfactory factory.

there is no time to make a bragain and plea
you just blew the once chance i gave you, with me.

Stay Up

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