13 March 2011


So, i've been away from here for a while, who knows why, i always say i'ma be blogging more, or more often, but then this thing called life gets in the way and fucks up my rotation, apologies for that.

Today i'ma speak on couple of things, so just stick with me on this one.

I've been thinking more and more about this Charlie Sheen circus that the media seems to be feasting off of.
But, the more i watch it, and the more i see his interviews, the more i think to myself "what's the big deal, just let the man live." And then i had my moment of clarity while reading comments on youtube about his behaviour in the interview, and this moment of enlightenment kinda related to something i read once:

"if you don't accept their money, they can't tell you what to do"

Now obviously this does refer to money as an actual, tangible thing, that if someone gives you, they feel this power or this "right" that because they've given you something financially valuable, they can tell you where to go, what time to be there and what the consequences are if you don't go.

But then i started thinking about the broader meaning of the quote, like if someone you know gives you something, something that helps you in your life, they then start to behave as if you now owe them something, and if you cannot pay them back in some sort of way then you should do with that thing what they say you should, and i have two words for this kind of thing "fuck that"

As someone who's had a job since he was old enough to have one, having my own things and spending my money the way i want to has always been something i've taken pride in. Of course my job telling me what to do AT work is fine, but i'll be damned if an individual person who doesn't put food on my table can tell me what to do with my life.

Going back to Charlie Sheen real quick, the reason i think what he's doing isn't as bad as the Picasso's in the media would have you think, is because the man isn't doing what CBS wants him to do, he's saying "fuck you, fuck your show, fuck your money, how i live has nothing to do with you, i get shit done at work, the moment i walk out of those doors, you are no longer in control" and i totally agree with that, i understand what it feels like to be almost imprisoned or trapped by your employer, where because you rely on their money to live, you allow them to take the absolute piss out of your life....until you decide you've had enough, sadly CBS seems to think Charlie hasn't had enough and he still owe's them.

Dave Chappelle walked away from his show, from $50million, from the fame, from the control which Comedy Central wanted to have over him, and he personifies that quote up there, but yet, people still think he has the problem, watch this video and this video and tell me who has the bigger problem, Dave, or the people who think he's insane.

We all have a choice, to be who we want to be, not what someone paying us wants us to be, the only difference is some people have the courage to choose themselves over their bank balance, to choose their life over colouring within the lines society has indoctrinated in us since childhood.

I'm not tryna tell anyone reading this to quit their job and go and live in a hut in the forest, because i understand we all have responsibilities, all i'm saying is try to maintain your life and the power to live it your way. Do what you do, love what you do, as long as you do you.

"i always get in trouble for being honest"
- Charlie Sheen


  1. I hear that, at the end of the day we have to seize control from the world. We are ultimately in control of what makes us happy if most of us took a step back from the money aspect of things, we would see happiness lies not in the fame or the materials but in us as human beings.

  2. I stopped colouring within the lines a while ago and although not everyone gets it and I get a bit of "eccentric" and "left" and "grow up" thrown my way i'm absolutely HAPPY and I don't care... *bbm dancing icon* lol Xx