1 June 2011

Better Than Good Enough

So i'm flicking through web-pages almost on auto-pilot, because i'm now sitting in my office bored outta my mind on a Friday night ( why am i still here?) and i'm reading my twitter timeline and @PurpleRamblings RT'd a link to http://www.christianarants.com/ and her post on "why we shouldn't overlook nice guys" from a woman's perspective of course.

As i'm reading through it, i'm nodding along in agreement "yup, that's true" "uh huh, you tell them girl" and i'm starting to notice my penis disappear that i know A LOT of women who display this behaviour for a variety of reasons explained on Christiana's blog.

Now what i started thinking of is the predicament some guys me are faced with sometimes in life, the nice guy, but the nice guy who knows all about the game, who know's the rules, who's broken the rules and who's set his own rules, is to not always be the one who get's chosen but who ends up being that dude who she'll refer to as "the one that got away"

And so, an epiphany, i noticed something about the game too and please correct me if i'm wrong here, women who are faced with that dude who's everything she's ever wanted, and is seemingly the perfect balance between Mr Nice and Mr Not So Nice do not know what to do with themselves when this dude walks into their lives.

And i'll break it down into a basic observation i've made.

1) she's not too sure what to expect from him, because, like Russian Roulette, this dude could go off at any moment.

2) he makes her feel almost weightless by the way he treats her, looks at her, kisses her, and she doesn't understand or welcome the feeling of not being in control of her emotions.

3) like all of us, when dealing with the unknown, she'll retreat, because "it's too good to be true"

Now is this the fault of Mr Balance that he's expanded his portfolio and thus become a man who struck the perfect, well, balance?

I wanna leave you with a question, more-so for the ladies, but fellas you can answer too. Are we as men doomed to be one or the other, and not six of one and half a dozen of the other?


  1. Brilliant !!

    I think u hit the nail on the head with this one. Just went thru a rough patch of Mr. Balance myself (@ least that's what it felt like, I hope ..lol)

  2. anon if i can ask...what happened?