1 June 2011

I Ain't Mad at Ya

here's looking at YOU

2010 huh, that's it, done and done, i'm gonna list some things i learned this year and also some confessions, if you read these and think it relates to or is about you, it probably does and is, this isn't a cryptic puzzle. Here goes.

NEVER, under any circumstances chase a man or woman who says "i don't know", you know what, it's not worth it, just tell him/her to fuck off and live your life as before, you'll be a happier man/woman for it.

She's a liar, She's selfish, She's disloyal, She's not who you thought she was.

Sometimes your ex is better than the next, by a fucking country mile.

Men are stupid stupid creatures, don't think we are unaware of this.

I have been drinking way too much in the second half of this year.

I'm stronger than i was in 2009

I have five real friends, the rest are just people i know.

I don't care about many people's feelings, i'm selfish.

There are a lot of people out there too scared to be alone, so they settle for less than they're worth.

Some people couldn't see a priest on a mountain of salt.

She likes bad boys, sadly i'll never be one of them, so her and I will never be. (silently, i wait in anticipation that this changes)

2 women this year have made a difference in my life. One i'll always love, the other can kiss my ass.

your age does not determine your maturity, i now know for certain one 27 year old is a child.

I promised a mother to always keep her daughter smiling.

your attitude determines your altitude

i don't miss university.

i have a SPECIAL sense of humour and maybe one person in the entire world completely gets it.

everyone is an attention seeker in some respect, including me...even The Pope..yes i said it.

Life is on a knife edge, and it could be over before you know it, one wrong turn on your Sat-Nav and the next thing you'll see is another cars headlights by your face, live how you want to, not how everyone else thinks you should, tomorrow isn't promised.

i'd rather be alone than be undervalued.

Don't get mad at me, this is just what i've noticed about myself and those around me this year, in 365.25 days. I had my own trials this year, some changed my life forever, some changed other peoples lives forever, but isn't that what we're here for, to change, to evolve, to be better and do better than we're doing right now? Don't get mad at me, i ain't mad at you.

"good, better, best. 
Never let it rest. 
Until you're good is better 
and your better is best."

ladies and gentlemen, for the last time in twenty-ten...

Stay Up

(it's now June and i wrote this in December, why have i only just put this up??)

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