14 December 2010


Bonjour people, first post of December, which seems a bit weird considering i had five posts in November. Anywhoo, I'm here today to do a little light infotainment with this post, i'm gonna introduce those who haven't already, to Teyalilly.com

Teyalilly is an online greeting card emporium run by a friend of mine, with the cutest daughter you're ever likely to see, who also happens to be the impetus/personification of Teyalilly. 

Born from the undying desire for more variety, more choice, and a piece of Art commissioned for my friend's daughters bedroom, it evolved into more than just a painting on a wall, it sparked the inspiration for the Teyalilly project.

I've been blessed to witness this metamorphosis of Teyalilly, from when it was but an idea, to seeing the Teyalilly website count down the days until launch, to having a sneak peak at the cards before most people got to see them and lastly watching my friend work her bum off to make this dream happen.
And that right there, i feel, is in a microcosm, a testament not just to Teyalilly but to my friend too. 

I personally love the cards, every single one of them, the design, colours and message on each card is what stands out for me. As we're coming up to probably the busiest time of year for a lot of us, where sometimes we may not have the time to go out and physically buy cards for our loved one's, Teyalilly.com is the place to be in 2010 for all your Christmas card needs. Not forgetting above and beyond 2011.

I know me writing this seems like shameless promotion, and it is, because i believe in this project, i believe in my friend's ability to be self made, in the potential in Teyalilly to be

I try not to promote anything commercial on this blog, no adverts, not pop ups, just pure education/information/entertainment, but i feel my readers deserve to have a Teyalilly Christmas, to have a Teyalilly Valentines, to have  a Teyalilly Birthday, you know what, just to HAVE Teyalilly, because when the bandwagon pulls up outside your front door, i'm gonna be driving it, and i'll be the one saying "i told you so."

So have a gander at the website and follow her on twitter, spoil your loved one's this Holiday Season and give them something they won't get from someone else, a Teyalilly card.

follow: Teyalilly Twitter @TeyaLilly

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  1. what a great idea. You missed out one nice fact: there's a black girl on the front of the cards!! Now that's refreshing!

    I will definitely look at getting one of those for the kids in my family for their birthday. Thanks for the heads up!