19 December 2010

(guest post) Dear Shopping..I Love You, But I Hate You

life is all about change and growth, and here at idontliketea we're all about the latter and obsess over the former, so for the next week or two, we'll be having a few guest bloggers coming through, their views are strong, their topics varied, their views are independent and individual and that's what we love most, the idisyncrasy of them all (the blogs) so please show some love to the guests of idontliketea. This week we have the lovely PurpleRamblings check out her blog here.

Ahem *Clears throat, stands up* 
I am PurpleRamblings and I am a shopaholic... 
*throws arms up in the air* I LOVE SHOPPING!! 
I LOVE new purchases, fresh from their packaging. Fabulous, gleaming, skyscraper heels with that new shoe smell, perfume squeaking from it's packaging that has to be pumped a multitude of times before it'll release it's fabulous scent, rainbow colours of nail varnish waiting to take their place on the dressing table, trainers bought for visits to a gym that is never visited, coats for all occasions, short and long and padded and tight and cropped and double-breasted and leather and cotton and denim, skirts and shorts and t-shirts and hundreds and thousands of pairs of socks, which are quickly unpaired and thrown into the vat of mismatched sockness with which I like to cocoon myself. That warm, pit of the stomach happiness I experience walking around the house in a new pair of heels is second to none. Having mini-me was cool and that, but it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The new shoe experience can literally last forever.
I like to buy things, various accoutroumental items that give me that warm "I spent money and got something new that I didn't need" feeling.
The only thing... Is that I HATE GOING TO THE SHOPS!! Absolutely loathe it, from the bottom of my warm fuzzy over shopped heart. Contradictory I know. But hear me out...
The buzz I get from the purchase of goods, cos I know that's exactly what it is, an empty buzzy feeling of fulfillment associated with the purchase of goods, is ruined… By people!
People that are everywhere!
People… Stepping on my toes. People… In front of me when I want to pay. People… In front of me when I want to try things on. People… Taking the last one in my size. People… Hovering over, in front of, behind me when I'm looking at something. People… Bashing my knees with their own empty purchases. People… Just there! Everywhere I turn! RUINING MY SHOPPING! Add to that the fact that they move things from rack to rack, aisle to aisle, so the size you want all though in the store is unlocatable because some thoughtless person has moved it! PEOPLE RUIN SHOPPING FOR ME!! I have on occasion walked past a shop, seen something fabulous in the window and gone in, only to u-turn when I see the ant-like swarms descending on the items. Saturday shopping is something that I NEVER DO and don’t even get me started on such occasions as “January sales” events like this are my kryptonite and will have me running for the hills credit cards in tow.
Contradictory I know considering the scale of the love of shopping, but I’ve found a way round it… Online shopping! The people free equivalent. Where I get to remain in the confines of my boudoir, wine glass in hand, MacBook at the ready to have a leisurely “stroll” through the online archives. No one standing on my toes, no queuing, no bashed knees, just cosy shopping bliss. Where I can be so specific with my search that “red, knee length, backless, sequined, pencil, dress” is easier to find then tinsel at Christmas. And is there anything better then your goods being hand delivered to your door... I think not.
World Wide Web I bow to thee xx

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