14 August 2010

you made it real for me.

hey guys, haven't been on here in what seems like forever, adjusting to this new, "non-student" life i guess.

going through some major changes right now, which is probably why i haven't been on here recently.

I wanna share something with you real quick coz, as you know, writing is my outlet for all things cerebral.

I recently decided to stop being in contact with someone, someone who i love, and someone who in the grand scheme of things, made my year.

How am i going to get rid of her? She's there, like an omnipresent being, even though she's hundreds of miles away from home, making a new life for herself, making a new love for herself, its the thought of not having her in my life, in the capacity of which i'd like her to be, that i'm finding the hardest thing, do i have to do this? Absolutely.

Its that ever-present question that we all find at more than one point in our lives:

How do I move on?

is there an answer to this question?
is there a formula to the solution?

Life has taught me that time is the greatest healer, but time is a slow bitch and she takes her own, well....time.

This a little crazy coz it's been less than two weeks since i decided to cut her out of my life, but it seems like it's been two years, i can't tell her how much i miss her, because i'd be breaking the promise i made to myself, to just let her live her life.

If any of you out there have recently left the life of someone who you love/loved, and you're finding this shit to much to deal with, stay strong, it only gets easier, you're not the only one going through it, and believe me, you will get through it, if not, start a blog and then you can moan about it just like me.

is all ever fair n love and war??

Stay Up


  1. I too had to let a female i really cared for go and the same question has been on mind for months now.

    This post really helped me realise I was not just being stubborn and in fact doing the right thing.

  2. it depends whether the female was an integral part of your life enough to keep her as a friend. if she was, i would keep her in your life. if she wasn't, then in time it will be easier to have her out of your life and move on...

  3. anonymous: i just want my life back.

    Michael: do your thing brother, it takes time, but well both get there.