18 August 2010

Out of many, One People.

So, as my journey continues, my path to mental freedom from the past, as mentioned in the post before this one, today i spent some time with 2 of my best friends and their cousin.

Now, i haven't seen these guys in a while, for a variety of reasons, but we stay in touch, you know, just doing what friends do, living our own live's but always keeping eachother informed on what's happening in our lives.

I refrained from telling the about what i told you guys in my previous post, until today.

They both brought me back down to Earth, so to speak, letting me know that no matter how long we're away from eachother, when we all congregate once more, regardless of circumstance or endeavour, we got eachothers back.

So, that was my inspiration for this post, having a team of friends around you, a small team, that united you stand, united you fall. Nowadays i see alot of people wanting to have alot of friends, but not really having good, reliable, honest friends, there for eachother when the shit gets real.

Its funny coz today, before we all met i was listening to a song, and there's a lyric in it i wanna share with you guys:

"Nowadays, your circle should be small as hell,

Ain't trying to meet new faces, this don't interest me,

Even if we bubble slow, we get it eventually."

And that's when i put two & two "twogether" so to speak. I have my team, though it may be small, we stand strong, we stand proud, and we stand tall, and when one of us is down, the other two are there to hold them up, no matter what.

I'm not saying only have two friends, not at all, all i'm saying is be very aware of the company you keep, because when the load gets heavy, there are very few willing to carry the burden with you, those are the few you should have in your circle.

"Out of Many, We are One People"

Stay Up

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