3 July 2010

tips for summer 2010

last summer i realised a few things that i do not want to see this summer, so for those of you who are unfamiliar with the correct summer etiquette, this post is for you.

Inspired from my twitter and facebook.

#1 - listen up folks, this summer, if you know your feet look like you've been walking in Jerusalem, DO NOT wear open toe shoes....i'm just saying.

#2 - DO NOT use the underground if you know you sweat a lot. I can't hold my breath for more than one stop

#3 - Your lips WILL get dry in this heat, Carmex goes a long way people, lips looking like biltong. kmt

#4 - deodorant is cheap, buy some

#5 - ladies, shave/pluck/wax your underarms, i DO NOT want to see your ashy pits...true story.

#6 - guys, hoodies, trackies and timberlands are for winter, please stop, its not "gangsta"

#7 - skinny jeans in winter was a pandemic, but cycling shorts are NOT acceptable guys...just say no.

#8 - you're wearing all white? that's fine, at least let it be clean whiter than white bright, clothes looking the colour of chewing gum is NOT cool.

#9 - sunglasses are for outdoors, this shit needs to stop, idiots.

#10 - remember it is bloody hot, so if you're drinking in the sun, you r going to get drunker quicker, let's be responsible alcoholics folks. :o)

#11 - Red wine in excess WILL make you throw up....as displayed last night.

#12 - baby wipes are not just for babies.

#13 if any guy u know wear Brut, Joop or Old Spice, tell him to jog on...actually, that's a tip for life, not just Summer.

#14 - bad breath, especially that 'hungry' breath, is not a good look, Tic Tacs, Soft Mints or Airwaves are all very affordable.

#15 - fishnet anything is not gonna happen, I don't care how much Cindy Lauper told you it was ok, its not.

#16 - if you are going to Carnival, expect to be manhandled, groped, pushed, shoved, stepped on and have your personal space invaded.

#17 - you know you have ugly feet, I know you have ugly feet, so let's save my disgust and your embarrassment and how about you keep your claws in your shoes when you're on public transport?

just thought i'd share some wisdom, if you agree pass them on.
you got any tips for me, fee free to leave a comment.

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