29 June 2010

when patience turns into anger.

Nothing Remains

Most of the people who know me well may have never known me to get angry at anything, because rarely is there anything that i can say angers me, I live a calm existence, spiritually, mentally and physically, but here goes.

Tonight i realised that some people just don't give a fuck about anyone else but themselves, that the old saying "do unto others as they do unto you", is 
something I shall be putting into practice with immediate effect.

Today I realised that sometimes the people who you've long suspected to be selfish, actually are. Unashamedly so. I have learned a lot from my friends, they've been with me through some great times and through some not so great times, and those are the friends i want to keep. The ones of which i speak are those who shall learn what it is like to be ignored, to be shown that the way you treat others is the way you should expect to be treated.

For the longest time, with those that I actually care about, I've stayed in touch, a call or a text just to see how my friends are doing, as all friends should do. But when the reality of it all hits you, like a speeding train, it is sometimes not what you expect.
For me right now, in this moment of clarity, I am angry yet relieved I've come to know of their behaviour sooner rather than later.

I once wrote a piece of script for a 2min film I made about myself in my first year of university, the module was called "self branding" and in this video I wrote a line that I will use now...
"when my friends turn to foes, I shall become the one whom their mother warned them about"

To those reading this, if you feel this relates to you, then it probably does.
To those reading this that feel they're being treated similarly, by me or by anyone else, treat them accordingly.

"I'd rather be hated for something i am, 
than loved for something i am not"

Stay Up

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  1. Heyy,
    I stumbled upon your twitter ( and it looked intresting )and then a few clicks later im here on your blog. But yeah, I actually like this, I feel Im in the same position and coincidently this occured to me today, to the point now where I just cba to give a FUCK !
    But yeah new Post (Y)