17 February 2010

tastes like feet

So last night i ended up at this Spoken Word event at Jazmines uni, was a last minute type thing, but you know how they say you have the best time when your plans are impromptu, yea, this was one of those times.

It's funny coz the Man Utd v AC Milan game was on too, and inbetween eating some delicious carribean food and Jazmine politely asking people to "please move" there were moments of perusal where i found myself just observing the different types of people there, needless to say, the spectrum was varied.

So after the match, we moved our chairs to go and watch the people do their thing.

Now if you've never been to a spoken word night, it's simply people coming up and performing some form of verbal art, whether poetry, story telling or singing, it's all there for your consumption.

I sat there listening to different performers, the first guy, he bombed, i mean, he REALLY killed, and then, to top it off, he started insulting the audience after he performed, very nice...fool.

But after him and his "song" it picked up significantly, most of the performers touched on love, and what it means to them, and hearing them express it verbally was something that i was enamoured with.

Their absolute and unequivocal way in which they all performed was inspiring to me, as someone who appreciates the power of words, i admire all the thought and dedication they put into each sentence. A great night overall.

but the absolute highlight of it all was the journey home, J and myself have a mutual love for Friends, the tv show, and she brought up a favourite scene of hers, "tastes like feet" and we stepped onto the train rolling with laughter, i'm sure people were staring.

Anyway, this reminded me of the spoken word performers and how their way with words and the way Ross delivers his line have a relation to one another, they both evoke an emotional reaction, whether reflection from one or laughter from the other, it's this power that words has that i can't explain, it's the classic line of "it's not what you say, it's how you say it"

I think i'm gonna give the spoken word thing a try, see where it takes me, that's just one more thing to add to my bucket list.

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.”
- Maya Angelou

Stay Up


  1. heeeeeey : ) nice blog and how funny was the reminiscening of friendss ahhhh! friends night in fo sho! still in two minds about chandler vs. ross. i was ALWAYS a chandler fan but in the last couple of years ive started leaning towards ross and with lines like "tastes like feet" and "pivvaaaaat" i guess its only right! haha

  2. **reminiscing (oh the shame of an english literature student)

  3. nice blog, luv dat maya quote:)