15 February 2010

it is what it is

Another trip on public transport and another moment of inspiration for the blog.

Sitting here, just looking out the window, eyes red from fatigue, T.I. Telling me to no forget about him, and the greatest copywriting book sitting in my bag, and it hit me, Sunday evening around this time, just after 8pm is the most peaceful time of the week, for me anyway.

If you manage to read this on a Sunday evening, then you're probably there in your pj's or just had a shower, got all your clothes ironed and packed, ready for the unexpected that the week ahead will bring, or you're just there lounging watching tv, either way, hopefuly you're at peace.

That ubiquitous type of peace, when nothing said or done can take you outta your zone. I get like this mostly on Sundays, which coincidentally is the day I seem to write my material for IDLT, maybe its they key to practice my writing, to get better at what I do, whatever it is, I wanna share it with you.

Got me thinking about how little time i've had recently to just sit and be at one, just chilling on my own, no interruptions, just enjoying my own company, you knw what i mean, just me, myself and I.

I once read that there are four enemies of peace that live within us all, avarice, envy, anger, and pride. If those enemies were to be defeated, destroyed or even banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace. I'm trying to just get to where it is i wanna get to by the time i leave university, battling the four enemies daily, suffice to say, my Sunday peace makes me realise that i'm making giant leaps in defeating my enemies, and when you're in your moment of peace, just remember that you too are conquering that which aims to hold you down.
Stay Up


  1. but without those enemies of peace, as you put it, we would have nothing to compare peace with. so as much as it holds us down, we need this opposite in order to appreciate the peace : )

  2. yea that's the beauty of it all, i think there is no way to overcome them all and achieve complete peace, but you can try to reduce them and concentrate more on your own peace. :)