8 February 2010

Saints Stay Up

Sitting here on my tube to Brixton, been a long day at work, mainly coz I'm tired as shit from staying up to watch the Superbowl. WHO DAT SAY THEY GON BEAT THEM SAINTS!! It dawned on me what I've thought for a long time was proven to me in the early hours of this morning.

The New Orleans Saints were a team that went from providing a shelter for Katrina victims, their own Superdome Stadium, a team with no home stadium seemingly at the bottom of the pile of the NFL pecking order,to a team who in '06 drafted Reggue Bush out of the USC and things started looking up.

Fast forward a few years later, a whole lot of player trading and a new head coach, and what you have are first time SB participants and eventual first time SB winners.

So what do they have to do with the thing I've long suspected, that sports, are a microcosm for our lives, which is why I think people speak about their favourite sports team as "us" and not "them".

Sports teaches us that with absolute effort and dedication to your goal, that the right frame of mind, confidence in self and those around you will only lead to one place, success.

Some of you out there might not watch sports, but you do have someone or something you look up to, who's positive and represents what you define as success, whether spiritually or financially, they're not where they are because they got lucky, they're there because through it all, through the adversity and tests that life threw at them, they triumphed.

"Our victory last night was the culmination of four years of hard work, fighting through a lot of adversity, ups and downs and more importantly than that, representing a city that has been through so much,"
Drew Breese, Saints Quarterback

Stay Up

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