7 February 2010


told you i had a lot to say, third blog in a week, enjoying this a lot recently.

Sitting here at work, it's Sunday afternoon and i'm just here chilling to some R. Kelly, nothing much happening around here.

Was watching some stand up comedy earlier by Rhod Gilbert, you'll know him when you see him, but incase you don't YouTube him, he's awesome.

And this got me thinking about how much i value having a good laugh, and how much we should all laugh just a little bit more. I'm blessed to have friends and family who enjoy nothing better than just having a laugh, at eachother and themselves, being the topic of ridicule is something we'll all endure and remember forever. The funniest moments are those where we're the joke. Maybe that's just me, but it's always hilarious.

I can't tell you how many hours I've searched the net for the comedians, blooper reels, outtakes from movies, anything that would make me laugh, nothing is as valuable as a good stomach hurting laugh, which is why the more i think about it, humor is an absolute prerequisite for whichever girl i end up with.

I say some pretty outlandish shit sometimes, and if you've ever spent a certain amount of time with me, you'll have witnessed this, i can't really distinguish why i say such things or where they even come from, but i know they make me laugh, even if it's just me, at least i heard it.

And in my current state of mind, just being happy and laughing at life sometimes is something i'm doing more and more of. Recent events have taught me that tragedy can strike at any moment, and that sometimes people never get the flowers when they can still smell 'em, you gotta smell the flowers, harvest them and remember them, coz one day, they too shall pass.

"the most wasted of days are those without laughter"

Stay Up

("much love" is no more, decided on "Stay Up" coz i think it reminds all of us that no matter what, you gotta keep it moving, time waits for no man)


  1. I like this, laughing is kinda like medicine - helps you heal, look on the bright side of things. You know.

    "Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on" - Bob Newhart

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYLMTvxOaeE