5 February 2010

cleaning out my closet

So as my new found clarity continues I've been rummaging through some old stuff of mine as I've moved house recently, so as with all house moves you end up asking yourself, how in the blue sam hell did I end up with so much crap?
It's funny but as I was going through the stuff I started remembering where I was when I got some of this stuff, that NFL ball, or who I was with when I got some chinese money I'll never use, weird stuff like that.
All of this nostalgia got me thinking about what "baggage" I've had laying around in my head for god knows how long, and what the hell am I still doing with it?
You know what I mean right? Those old songs you used to hate because they reminded you of an ex, or not going to certain places for fear of running into that semi-serious person you were dating, all that becomes irrelevant after a while, but you still carry it with you out of habit.
Well I'm having a mental spring clean if you will, and I'm listening to Ne-yo's "sexy love" again, and Michael Buble's "I wanna go home", because the importance I once attached to those songs is no more, I actually just enjoy them for being just a good song.
Time to make room for new trials and tribulations, and maybe in a few years time, I'll look back and have some new smiles and some new cries, which inevitably will become as important as the crap in my room.
Feeling really focussed on what it is i have to do in order to achieve my goal and complete my five year plan. Maybe it's something we can all do to gain a more positive outlook, try it, see where it takes you.
much love.

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