31 January 2010


ok, so we're back, well, i'm back. Haven't been around for the best part of a month, inbetween getting my dissertation to a respectable standard and having other assignments with our creative team (LMC) i haven't had much, or any time, to do the blog thing.

so i'm off for a week from uni, a much needed break, and i actually thought i'd have lots to say, well, i do, but not much makes good blog material.

Anyway, was reading this book call Don't Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, awesome book, i recommend it.

So the book talks about living life and just being happy, to not worry so much about dissatisfaction and anger, and to just embrace what's good in your life. Offering different meditation methods along the way.

The title of the book is something i've said for years to people, i don't even know where or why i started saying it actually, but i liked it, didn't even really understand it to be honest.
the book got me thinking about some small stuff i always have. I always have coins in my pocket, and not just like 20p or 50p or whatever, i mean like £10, in coins, God knows how i gather all these coins, but they're pretty heavy sometimes, sometimes i actually worry about spending the coins, just so i don't have to have them in my pocket, buying things i don't need, mostly food really, but that's another story.

why am i talking about spending coins? coz sometimes, the little things in our life are the things we should care just a little bit less about. Something i've been trying to do of late, just letting go of the things that i have either no control over, or aren't really of importance when i think about it.

We all have bigger fish to fry in the grand scheme of things, right now, my fish is university, so i'm focussed on that, getting my degree, getting a job after that and just generally start living for me.

Along the way, i'll dissapoint some people, because i'm not sweating over their small stuff with them, and i'm ok with that, i wouldn't expect them to worry over my small stuff, like my coins.

Just try it for a while, see where it takes you, for me, i've been transported to a place of clarity, where it's all starting to break down and make a lot more sense, my moment of clarity if you will.

"May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows"

feels good to be back on the blog.

much love.

(more blogs coming soon, i actually do have alot i wanna say)

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