12 December 2009

unexpectedly grateful

you know when you meet new people, you already have a set prediction/judgement of what they will or won't be like.
Funny, but recently i got to know someone whom i had been introduced to months ago, but only got to actually know who they were in the last week and a bit.
Suffice to say, the person they are is a whole lot like the person i am, reason i say this is that we have a lot of the same feelings with regards to our futures, which in itself is a bit weird coz we're two seperate individuals, but a pretty intriguing person they turned out to be, and i'm glad i'm getting this chance to know them now, better late than never i reckon.

Anyway, after speaking to this person about something i've always wanted to do, motivational speaking to young people around 13-18 years old, we realised that not many, if any people want to take time out and actually help people.

The older i've become, the more i feel a responsibility to teach those younger than me that life will test you at every turn, that no matter what you're going through, nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. To try and teach them from my mistakes, but to go out there and make their own mistakes too, coz there's no better teacher than experience.

I have a younger sister, who will be 18 in February, and the older we both get, the more i think we've become accustom to each other and our litte quirks. We used to fight all the time as kids, and i never really got why we'd fight so much.

Looking back, i think i'm coming to the realisation that we fought because we're more similar than either of us would like to admit and if that's true, and if i am anything to go by, then i'll try my utmost to make sure she doesn't have to go through some of the shit i have. The bond we share is unlike that of me and my older sister, it is a much more love/hate relationship, more love than hate in recent times, which i'm appreciative of as i get older, because i am my sisters' keeper

my next blog will touch on that, my obligation, my duty, my life's purpose as a brother to my younger sister

So the next time you meet someone new, or you know someone who you think, "i'd love to get to know them"..go for it, coz who knows, lightning might strike and you might be sat there like me, listening to Alicia Keys songs musing over your role in the life of others.

"If you do not the expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail." : Heraclitus

much love

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  1. you're welcome hah :P
    you are a very inspirational person yourself you know. x