31 December 2009

here's looking at you kid

So yesterday I was sitting at work and watching Casablanca, if you’ve never seen it I suggest you do, great movie.

And there’s a scene in it where Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick Blaine says
"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world... she walks into mine."

What a great line, the sense of the unknown brought to life from those simple words, hindsight is a great thing right? A

This got me thinking about 2010 and the year to come, and how the last 9 years of this decade have changed so dramatically, in my life rather than the world, coz I don’t think I could summarize how much our world has changed in this short blog.

I think for me I’ve come a very, very long way, not just in age, but as an individual too. Just look back and think about who you were 10years ago, and then think about who you are now. But don’t even try thinking about who you will be in 10years time, no-one can predict that.
Like seasons, people change, like plants, we grow, this metamorphosis of life is something that lately I’ve been thinking about more and more, and also got me realizing that one day 10years from now, I too could be saying those words about the woman I’m with, or the woman I’m married too, who knows, only God knows, and I trust in that.

As I write this, on my blackberry, (wow haven’t phones come a long way?) there are about 12.5 half hours left in 2009, and I get this urge to want to thank everyone who I’ve met this year who’s significantly impacted my life, positively and negatively, or even both, but I know that’s impossible, as some of those people talk too much (you know who you are) and I’ll never get round to thanking everyone, so here is my short list of things I’m grateful for, without having to name names.

that i've had another year to try and earn my wings, getting there slowly.
for heartbreak
for the summer of 09
for this blog, wish i'd started it sooner
for Barcelona
that i've learned that you can't change anything, everything will happen the way it's meant to.
for Karma, Brian knows what i mean
for my family, always there to keep me grounded, to pat me on the back or kick me in the backside when i most needed it.
for you, for even reading this blog.

2010 is looking good people, be grateful for what has passed, but don't let it dictate what's to come.

here's looking at you kid.

for the last time in 09, Much Love.


  1. One of my favourite quotes. xxx (smiles)

  2. As year draws to end i'm just reminded that i've been blessed with some amazing friends, mike you being one them, moments that money can't buy and love that shook me to my foundations. Its been a rollercoaster of a ride knowing you and it has made me realise that great friends truly are blessings in disguise.