1 September 2009

The tram is coming!!

i haven't been blogging for some time, well last week i posted up the images from Liu Bolins art, which i still love, but that's about it, and of course we have my guest blog, which i'm gratefull for, shout out to JR....but today dear Blogites, we resume or regular scheduled programming
OK so yesterday i was talking to my older sister, which is always cool coz we have this love/hate relationship, like all siblings i guess.

But the thing that makes our relationship special is probably that we are two very independent people, our souls are intertwined in the sands of time. We live outside the touch of time if you will, we can both live our own lives happily knowing the other is doing just the same, living their life, and not the life others would have us live.
Anyway, we got to talking about choices in life and how everyone has to make them, regardless of who you are and what you posess, we all make our own choices.

Sometimes we as people like to blame other people for our little mishaps in life, we like to say that if it weren't for such and such, i would have made a different choice....bullshit...we had a choice, and because we choose the easy route, 9 times out of 10, we can lay blame to those unable to speak for themselves.

I like to think the decisions i make, are simply that, a choice between left or right, up or down, the red pill or the blue pill, no regrets.

I know it's easy to sit here at my screen and preach to you that you should make YOUR decisions for YOU and not for want of whatever other self-prophecising needs you desire..but i'm not trying to do that, we all collectively are responsible for what happens in our lives, for what WE do, we can't control other people, we will never be able to do so, that's the beauty of the path, it's your and yours only.....

i guess what i'm triying to say is that you gotta do you, for you, because believe me, if you don't care enough about your own happiness, no-one else will.

My sister, as much as it kills me to say this, is the leader of the 3 siblings in my family, the voice of reason and the voice of authority, we live in that system by choice, that's the choice i have made, to take advantage of her wisdom, and to accept the role of younger brother/court gester, but that's why to us, there are no limitations to what we do and don't say to eachother, we shout, we scream, we argue, we swear, hang the phone upon eachother and are simply downright rude to one another at times, and 2 days later, i'll get a call or she'll get a text, and it's like we're kids again, watching those old Disney cartoons, and all that has happened before is obsolete...that's the life we live, that's the choice we make...

to get together like a choir to acquire what we desire.

much love

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