16 November 2009

what of silence?

i was at a friends birthday party recently, a house party, and like all house parties, you end up in one of two places, dancing in the living room or in a group discussion in the kitchen or hallway.

I found myself doin the latter, not in the dancing mood that day, mainly because of external personal factors, i opted for the hallway discussion.

Standing there, talking to some good people, we meandered into various topics, ultimately the topic ended up being on love and the loss of it etc etc.
I found myself just standing there, listening to the alternate views people have on certain things, i also found myself realising that i'm a quite an introvert.

I know i'm a very opinionated person, i know i have strong views on certain topics, but i also know that sometimes saying nothing is better than just saying anything.

Anyway, i was reminded again this past weekend about my relationship with words and the nature in which i speak or write. This fueled the idea for this blog, i reflected on that house party and just thought about how it is i am able to come out with the things i say and the things i write, I beleieve my silence is my way of filtering out all the superfluous babble that we all at one time or another spout.

My way with words is something that i get from you, the people i speak to, that this gift God has given me is aided by you, the ability to speak when necessary, i think, is something i'm blessed with. I'm reading a book about Mother Theresa at the moment, and there's an extract from it i wanna share with you, hopefully you'll understand why "Peace cannot be found in noise and restlessness. Peace is the friend of silence. See how nature grows in silence, see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls."

That last bit is what i take from that, "we need silence to be able to touch souls", i find joy in m silence, and hopefully with some luck, with some hard work and with some silence, i'll be able to do just that through my work, through my words, through copywriting....indeed silence is golden

much love

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