9 November 2009

different together

things have changed rapidly in my life in the last few months/weeks the highs and the lows, everything seeming like it was custom made to either anger me, frustrate me or please me, and i rolled with the punches and enjoyed and am still enjoying them.

but you know how they say the only way to truly see things for what they are is to see it in the 3rd person, i've been trying that lately, to remove myself from things and then look at them from someone elses POV, we were taught last year to think outside of the box when faced with a brief, to look at something for what it is, in it's basic form, and then to step away from it and look at the brief in two other ways, for what it could mean, the subliminal and metaphorical, and then to see something for what it is not, and try and relate what it isn't to the brief...to see the honesty in things.

how does that relate to what i'm talking about, well here's the thing, when faced with new challenges, sometimes we don't know how to deal with them, because we think there is no other way of dealing with the problem than to deal with it in the same way we have before, that's the way we as humans do things, habitually, but for a second, just think about what it is that you're not doing, try and envisage an alternative way to facing life's little tests.

I've been trying this lately, and instead of reacting in my usual impatient and hasty way, i've been trying to look at things in a different light, to perceive them differently, and suffice to say, i think i've handled things a lot better than i wold have in the past, whether these problems have been at work, at uni or in my personal life, some things just need to be treated differently in order for a better result to occur.

Dave Trott came down to our uni last week for a seminar, and i valued everything he said, took in the things that appealed to me and took in the things that didn't, because who knows, one day they might.

The one thing i did take on board was "be different, not better"...and that's what i'm trying to say in this blog, just try and be different in your approach, not better, coz if we don't at least try different things, we're stagnant, and boring and the same as everyone else with their shallow perception of life, of themselves, of you.

think different, be different, it's what keeps you grounded, i read today that "what belongs together is now growing together", thinking about that too, people who are different naturally gravitate to eachother and forge bonds that will last longer than expected, i'd like to remix that quote and say that "what's different together, lasts forever"....funny thing perception.

much love.

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