17 November 2009

life's subscriptions

normally i find it a bit of achallenge to find inspiration for this blog, hence why my life is my inspiration for it, yesterday something happened that sparked the idea fr this blog.
Yesterday I was witness to some, for lack of better word, bullshit.

And as always, what happens in my life got me thinking about things..certain things, and the effect our beliefs have on us, whether religiously, morally, socially and to a more recent degree, economically.

Here's the thing, the thing I witnessed is someone sacrificing something important in their life because they "believe" what they're doing is the right thing and that they're better off without someone else in their life.
In terms of how they went about it, let's just say there are more direct ways of dealing with things.

The issue I take with this is thus, what we subscribe to, we eventually succumb to. Whether the outcome has a positive or negativre effect on us, only time will tell, ok let me give you some examples:

MLK, he subscribed to equality for black people, for minorities, that one day America could come together as one, unsegregated nation, he was assasinated for what he was fighting for, what you subscribe to, you succumb to.

Jade Goody, a true product of the reality show celebrity, a fiend of fame, someone who, in my opinion, payed the ultimate price for her want of being famous. Ok fine, cancer isn't her fault, but the debacle that lead to her death and funeral was such a farce, if she didn't crave fame and fortune, would her death be any more significant than your neighbour with cancer? What you subscribe to, you succumb to.
A more recent, globally recognised problem is the collapse of our economies, greed and ambition changed our world and our lives immeasurably, the belief in the investment banking system, the belief that people could pay back what they owed, the belief that everyone with a loan or mortgage would stay true to their word, and suffice to say, that didn't happen did it, this trust in the "system" lead to our downfall on a global scale. what you subscribe to, you succumb to.

Those are three extremely different axamples, but all apply to what I witnessed, if in life you don't at least have an open mind about certain things, and certain people, eventually you will fall prey to that or them, I'm not saying don't trust anything, I'm saying don't be so blind to the obvious truths about them simply because what governs you says different, what governs you does not control you, it simply sets the rules, and rules are made to be broken
"what you subscribe to, you eventually succumb to"
much love.

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