2 December 2009

the greatest myth

Recently i was on facebook, and came across a friend Alison's status that provided me with the inspiration for this blog. The status read:

"would like the ladies to know you are neither "too much" or "not enough" , but fine just the way you are.. Don't believe the hype!"

And this got me thinking about the women i have met, whether it was my first kiss or my most recent, well, you know....I've had my perceptions of them, and me being me, i've expressed my opinions to them, without ever really thinking about how it would affect them, and the way they'd perceive themselves after that.

I feel that women today, especially those my age, are in a state of limbo with us guys.
Let me explain, as the status says, you are neither too much or not enough, us guys tend to forget that not everyone is perfect and that the little flaws that our prospective partner possesses are what make her.

These are the fibers of her character, that we should have and hold, appreciate and accentuate every time we see her, because believe me, when it all comes crashing down, it's these little idiosyncrasies that we will miss, that we will tell our friends about, if you've ever been in love and things didn't work out for whatever reason, tell me you've never said this "oh man, i used to love the way she'd burp like a trooper" or whatever weird little thing she did that you loved.

This is my point, girls need not seek approval from us, they need not have to be made to feel that who they are is inferior to who we are. We are men, God knows we have enough pitfalls of our own, so why knock her for what she is, for what you walked across a crowded room for, for what one day, hopefully, you'll get to tell people that these are the exact reasons you fell in love with her.

i know me writing this is kind of a contradiction, as my track record with women isn't the most comfortable for some, but no-one's perfect, i'm not perfect, but i'm working on it, at a point in my life i subscribed to the playa lifestyle, fortunately for me i've learned my lesson, unfortunately for some of the guys i know, they haven't, they still live in never never land, where nobody wants to grow old, where nobody realises that at some point, it's not always about them.

For any women reading this who feel that they're not understood by their boyfriend/partner/hook up, whatever, just remember that it's ok if you are not is tune with every other girl out there, that you hear your own drummer, that you should step to your own beat, no matter how measured or far away....for you are enough, just the way you are..you are not too much or not enough, you're everything we want, you're everything we need, you're evrything inside we wish that we could be.

songs for you truths for me

much love


  1. love lyfe jenning's never never land!no such thing as perfect. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way

  2. a huge SIGH of relief. At least someone understands : )

  3. Who knew such words put together to make such an interesting post would come out of MLF's brain! (Zoe)

  4. Hope this isn't a ploy to get more ladies hahaha, just playing, its a shame that society has everyone scared to be themselves, i think to love someone you must fall for their vices long before you fall for their virtues.

  5. For too long i listened and walked in the shaddows of my ex boyfriends negativity. He poured this pain on me everyday, untill there was nothing left to destroy. Then one day i stopped it, i realised my beauty, my worth, and the life i deserved to live, for both myself and my family. I love myself now, so who ever comes along next will have to love me for all i am too. This is really nice Mr Fisher. (Smiles) xx

  6. Great!I'm almost a quarter of a century and it took me all my years to finally figure out what you just said!I have some close friends that this needs telling to so ill be passing on the link!