9 September 2009

YOU, over there...........fuck you!!

"You're in my seat"

Once again, London town does not fail to surprise. The people who dwell in this urban metropolis are the most unique, incandescent people in the world.

But, don't let that fool you, among the many visionaries live the imbiciles, the drones, the "sheople" as a good friend put it. Those that strive to live every day like yesterday, the same. Boring and predictable, living within the spheres of normality and habitual susbsitence of the mundane and melancholic.
Yes they live here, in my beautiful city, pissing me off, one at a time.
The reason for this verbal tirade i hear you ask, well, this morning on the train, an empty train i might add, i was confronted by a middle-aged, balding man, who by the looks of things is governed by the principles of convention, the poor sod.

Anyway, he comes up to me and says "you're in my seat." Now i know what you're thinking, how could I be in HIS seat, this is public transport no? Ahh, well here's the thing, not to him, he believed that because he "sits here everyday" he holds the rights to said 1ft x 1ft piece of unhygenic fixture on the 06:06 to London Victoria.
I gladly declined to move, until HE threatened ME for being aggresive. I've got a cold at the moment, and the last thing i wanted was some oxygen theif accusing me of, a) being in his seat and b) being aggresive, so i stood up, looked down at his susbsistent 5'7" frame and kindly told him, i was not going to move and he could gladly fuck the fuck off, god knows who pissed on his chips this morning, but you best believe i was not having any of his shit so early in the morning.

Which lead me to this blog today, thinking about it on the tube, i analysed people getting on and off at every stop, so engrossed in their daily routine that no-one noticed the muscle bound man wearing his girlfriends t-shirt, tight enough to stop blood flow to the medulla oblongata, the moments in life that i live for, the foolishness.

It got me thinking about how i never want to be someone stuck in routine, how i hate repetitive things, and recurrent people, who seemingly bitch and moan about life's trials & tribulations, i'm not saying they go without merit, because we all have our own problems, but we also have a way of changing things, switch it up every now and then, take the bus in to work, get off a station before and walk the rest of the way, get the ferry up the thames if you can, all i'm saying is don't get trapped in the system of habit, because like the stoutly arsehole this morning, you too, will one day be bitching to an anarchistic 22 year old that he's sitting in your seat.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome"
Albert Einstein
much love
(someone pass me a tissue)

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  1. *passes a packet of Kleenax-MANSIZE!*

    I cannot actually believe that this happened! Then again, it's London, so maybe I can. You know, I could cuss him out, but in all hoenstly, for someone to want to sit in the same seat everyday, and go on like that when someone else occupies their seat, i think you're in the better place man. Like, seriously. That is really sad. I want to talk to him about something exciting. Like Jesus or something. i think he needs some hope. do me a favour-when you see him next, say "hi!" and offer him the warmest smile.

    And as for living life in a routine....i cant even complete the sentance thats how much it doesn't make sense to me.