14 September 2009

i shall not be moved.

over the last 4/5 months a lot of things have occured in my life that have tested me beyond measure.
I have been in situations where i was always aware of the outcomes and consequences, by day or by night, i had my own troubles to try and wash away, sometimes to little or no effect, others banished for good, into the depths of eternity.

I've been working my arse off trying to keep things together, in more ways than one.
I don't complain about it, well, i try not too, but i'm human, and i have this inate ability to verbalise myself without any regard to how people will feel about it, and that's just me, but i guess i'm loved and hated, in equal measure for the exact same reasons.
this summer has been hard, whether work or play, rain or shine, there was always something to try me, to test me, to substantiate life's many curve balls thrown my way. Some i knocked out the park, homerun's baby, all the way, over the bleachers, over the fence, into the parking lot, gone, for good...other's didn't even make it past first base.
Anyway, the culmination of all of this has lead me to today, Monday, September 14th 2009. Two days before i go away with my friends from university, to explore Barcelona, to delve deep into the cultural and popular culture of the mother of Gaudi.
I gotta confess, I have set myself a task, to go away and enjoy every second of the trip, to embrace the moments with my frinds, and create memories i can tell my kids about, to finally leave all my problems to God, that come what may, whatever He proclaims to be, will be.
I'm not leaving them in Spain, because problems know their way home, i'm just letting them go, in the air, on the plane, mid-flight, and whatever becomes of them, that too shall pass.
So here's to my first and only trip away with some of the most extraordinary people i have ever met. To friendship, To Barcelona, To London, To Farnham, To the class of 2010, To Us, To You......To Me.
see when i see you, until we meet again
much love

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  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog, appreciate the comment on one of my posts...

    Go on and loose yourself on the trip. Some holidays do bring alot of healing from lifes norm trials. Celebrate every second being there and forget all thats been testing and trying you. BE YOU!!!