29 September 2009

Barcelona is definitely maybe.(whatever that means)

So i went to Barcelona about 2 weeks ago now and i gotta say, the city itself is an architectural marvel. The Gaudi buildings scattered arounf the city have to be seen to be believed, and La Sagrada Familia is possibly one of the most inspiring places i've ever been to.

It's kinda expensive over there, £7 for a pint if you must know. I went with my classmates, so it was unlike any other holiday i've been on, shenanigans were had, sun was soaked and the food, oh god the food, the sea food was amazing, the paella was beyond description..but funnily enough, the best meal i had over there was ribs and chips, which is odd i know, but i think it's more of an english/western thing, to go somewhere foreign and eat food that you can get back home. funny that.

When I got back from Barca, there wasn't much time to rest as we were back at uni just a few days later. 3rd year has just begun and the work is really beginning to pile on, plus the added joy of my dissertation due in January, our degree show and raising money for it (i'm getting my legs waxed this Thursday to raise money)...is it going to hurt???

i'm really looking forward to this year, working with a new group but old friends, Lauren and Cass, and we're already making headway, letting the creative juices flow, we've got a rapor i feel will help us achieve what it is we all strive for, a 1st....and i know that the synergy of our individual talents will get us there come June 2010.

I wrote about letting things go in my last blog entry before Barcelona, and i'm glad to say i let them go, and came back feeling good about myself and about life, looking forward to new beginnings, and building on relationships i feel i need in my life, i want in my life.

It's funny coz i somehow think that maybe i didn't need the holiday to realise these things, maybe i knew them all along and was just unwilling to let things go and accept what they've become...maybe i'm just getting all philosophical again when i don't really need to...maybe we all need a holiday, maybe it's definitely maybe.

much love

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