19 October 2009


I realised the other day that i've been neglecting idontliketea a bit, mainly coz of the pile of work i have to do at uni, not including doing my dissertation, while juggling my part-time job and playing football in my attempt to get fit and healthy again.

whats been happening, i've recently got my first ever Blackberry, yes i know, bandwagon etc etc. But anyway, i gotta say, i love this damn thing, i'm actually writing this blog from my blackberry, or crackberry as a good friend of mine so eloquently put it..

So like on every phone there are your usual pre-loaded ringtones and videos courtesy of your phone manufacturer, funnily, on the blackberry some of these are John Mayer samples, kudos to Columbia and Sony for the genius bit of marketing and PR.

Coincidentally though, my friend Lauren has recently become, a bit....uhm...for lack of better word, besotted with the talented Mr Mayer, she freakin' loves him, and i mean LOVES him, almost as much as her lecturer for contextual studies, lol (sorry)

All of her love/obsession for Mayer got me wondering about music and what it means to people, what it means to me and the profound impact it has on us as a society

Music for me is everything, i spend hours upon hours listening to my iPod or trawling the internet just searching for my next fix of new music, a new song, a new artist, a new genre, anything for me to downloa....uhm, buy, i mean buy, all in the name of my love for music.

It's weird that billions of people can enjoy the same music, crossing cultural and ethnic barriers, music brings people together uinlike anything else i've witnessed, music can have a woman in Japan, singing word for word every lyric of Blur's "song 2" and not have a damn clue what she's saying, she just knows that when she hears that song, nothing else in the world matters, the excitement of hearing the melody, the beat, the excitement she gets cannot be topped, and yet, she shares this feeling with billions of other people, some who'll even chastise her for listening to Blur, but when they put on their Manson or Jay-Z they exude that exact same feeling.

And then what about what it makes you think, and what it makes you do, have you ever stood back and just thought about how obscure the act of dancing is, if you take the music away and just watch people, you'd think they were on something, well, most of them are, but that's not the point.

The point is that to me, music is what feelings would sound like, it's an expression of the soul, for people globally to some together and be as one, think about it, we all have our own particular sorrows, loves and delights. But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places. Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their enitery.

i have something i want you to try next time you listen to your favourite song, don't listen to the lyrics, just think about how it makes you feel....now try putting that feeling into words....comment on this blog if you succeed...coz i didn't.

"There is no truer truth obtainable by Man than comes of music"

~Robert Browning

much love


  1. Very true, and I almost think it is impossible. I can never quite exactly put into words exactly how any of my fsvourite songs make me feel.

  2. Music does feel that good. Even when i hear singing, or sing myself while washing the plates, sometimes it takes me to another place where I JUST FEEL, and thats it, i just feel. Not sure what it is, but its enough to bring out these intense emotions. But its all good.
    (smiles) xx

  3. I think you can ALWAYS put into words how a song, ''favourite'' song makes you feel, I do believe that music is like a voice for people..... It kinda takes you some where else for a moment, if you like me and are shy, quite, not really that expressive it gives you those few minutes of freedom and makes you feel like for those few minutes you could say or do anything depending on the song that is, but anyway i just wanted to say that i think you can always find a word for your favourite song, even if its an emotion, those feelings can be put into words!!! Oh and iphones are WAAAAY better, Sorry but blackberry's are OVER RATED ;P