25 August 2009

mums birthday

Today is my mother's birthday, today is the day that the most important person in my life was born, today i celebrate a gift from God.i have countless things to thank my mother for in my life, so many that i feel the thanks can never be expressed on a blog, or in words or by action.Something in me inspires me to live my life so that i make my mother proud.Success to me is not about the money, its only paper and i can't take it when i leave. It's not about the accolades, they're just the opinion of so called experts and it's not about the praise i receive from my peers, its knowing everyday, that my mother can go out and tell people, my son makes me proud.I love her more than she'll ever know, and one day, hopefully i can re-pay her for the things she has done for me, whether it was a kick in the backside or a hug and a kiss, all of them I am grateful for, and all of those things make me the young man i am today.Happy Birthday MumLove Michael.
that which is best in me i owe to you.
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