25 August 2009

V is for Victory

The new Nike campaign involving sports stars from all over the world has caught my eye, mainly because i'm writing on one of them for an essay i'm doing for my Contextual Stdies unit at uni, there is just something about these posters that speaks to me.Maybe its the passion the subjects are displaying, maybe it's the vivid use of colours, god this is sounding like my essay all over again.

Pretty cool huh,? was watching the making of video, and the photographer, Rankin, is a visionary, hopefully one day i can boast such ads in my portfolio. I think what drew me to these ads more than anything is the emotion captured in the ads, for a while now i've been looking into doing some sort of photography, mainly on my phone, lol, but i think i'm doing ok, and with time i feel i've become more attentive to things when doing the photography thing, ad alot more attentive to what's not always obvious, which helps my creative process in creating ads i reckon
Nike Advertising - a salute from "I DON'T IKE TEA"

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