25 August 2009

could be worse

sitting here, it's exactly 01:07 n the moning, listening to slow jams on Choice.in a funny place right now, in life i mean, not sure what to take from it to be honest, i'm going cold turkey on alot of things i think, after my bday, i think i'm just gonna focus on me, seems a better time than any.Was in a car accident today, and its was the weirdest thing, our drvier was not in the wrong, the dumb woman didn't indicate when she was turning, no one was hurt thankfully, a few bumps and bruises on both cars, but the weird thing was how it happened in slow moton in my mind, but it happened in a split second in reality, but it made me realise that things could be worse.so the next time something happens to you, or is maybe happening to you now, just remember things coud be much, much, worse, i'm in a good place right now, not the best place, but that gives me renewed hope of things getting better, maybe not soon, but some time.
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