25 August 2009


Today i was gonna blog about when you're away from people, and how absence can magnify your affection for someone or something.
But i won't, mainly because i came across this article on the business week site, and how there are now groups of Facebook supporting the denial of the Holocaust and that Facebook itself refuses to remove these groups.
As a historical event, that i am very interested in, i find such an occurence like this saddening to say the least, for a group of people to perpetuate hate and openly discuss and deny something that changed the world we live in is inconceivable to me.
The killing of 4million people based on their religion and race is something i may never be able to grasp, understand, agree with or accept, which got me thinking about the world we live in, our "free" world.
I understand that Facebook isn't a government or a state institution.If its owners and shareholders want to be associated with holocaust deniers it must be ready to be accused of holocaust denial itself for allowing the publication of such material. Personally I have no symapthy with a company who has no morals and until it removes the group I will consider it anti-semitic. I don't think FB should be forced to ban this group - freedom of speech is something we are blessed with and should be allowed regardless of how distasteful it may be at times.
In a time where we see an entire race of people hated because of stereotypes, where most people have an opinion on something they know absolutely fuck all about, i find myself worried about even some of the people i know, for they too proliferate this opinion, and arguing with these fools isn't worth the energy as their ignorance furthers my dislike for them and their opinion.
However if you're reading this and you support and believe that the subjective opinion of groups like this are going to be able to exert sufficient influence on our society, myself and on objectivity and sane people, then you, quite frankly, are an idiot, and i would greatly appreciate that you now get the fuck off my blog.

"Every fool finds a greater one to admire them. "

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