25 August 2009

If you try you can fly

Been some time since i was here, been pre-occupied you could say, between work and sleep and socialising i haven't much time for anything else.....including the easy things in life, like writing a blog.....

been thinking a lot today about working towards things and the time and effort i'm prepared to put in.

Most of the time people, myself included, want things to be easy. But the truth of the matter is that everything cannot and should not be done with ease.

We live in a world where no one wants to wait for anything, a true fast food society. It is my belief that true satisfaction is the product of effort and time.

I often think that my true purpose in this life was to receive a lesson in patience.
Over last six years I have endured many life lessons. I have been blessed to start over, it's a blessing because second chances often give you new perspective, although starting over is never easy. I have learned time and time again that no matter what I do, I must be willing to pay the price to move beyond where I am and what I am comfortable in doing.

Because I remember a time prior to microwave ovens I know that there is value in waiting.
My grandmother does not have a microwave oven and cooks everything the old fashion way - heating it up in the oven or the stove. My grandmother is a woman who believes that love is shown in what you do for someone and not what they do for you. Her cooking is always done in a loving manner and it always takes time to prepare. I love eating her home cooked meals because they are much better than anything I would get from popping a container in the microwave and calling it dinner. But when I go to my grandmothers to eat, I am always prepared to wait a little longer as she cooks the meal the old fashion way.

Much like my grandmother's home cooked meals, the desire to have those things that bring value in life requires time, and time is something that many people in today's society view as a prehistoric animal that no longer exists.

Ironically, most of us waste time, disregard it, and lose it everyday and yet time is the one thing that we can't recreate no matter what we do. My english teacher siad something to me when i was 15 years old, something i have always carried with me, and will continue to do so, "There is only one place where success appears before work and that is in the dictionary," and I, like so many others I know, tend to forget that.

I want to get there, wherever there is, and I want to get there today. But I must endure the difficult and tedious moments that come prior to experiencing the bliss and excitement just before I receive the reward.

No, I don't expect that every moment will be easy, but every moment does not have to be difficult either. As long as I keep focused on what I desire to accomplish and work toward my goal, I know there is nothing that I cannot do.

Although, we live in a microwave society where things are packaged together with easy for quick processing we must be mindful that our goals cannot be acquired by pressing a button. Achievement is a process and most of the time it requires a little time and effort for you to see the fruits of your labour.

Make it happen for YOU, however and whenever you can, keep a little sunshine on your face, keep a lot of love in your heart, have a little patience, have a few fights, keep your chin up, but above all, above all.... just have some fun doing the damn thing.

much love

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