25 August 2009

If not now, when?

These last 2/3 weeks have been quite good actually, for the first time in a while, i'm fairly problem free, and the problems i do have, we all have.
I'll tell you why, the other night, around 2 in the morning, i'm in the car with my friend Brian, and we're on the motorway back from my uni, where i'd just finished collecting the last of my stuff, a sad time for me.
But in the car, inbetween changing the CD, the radio was on Magic, and mellow Magic was on, if you've never listened to radio late at night, you should, you'd be surprised how theraputic it is.
So we're in the car and Marvin Gaye - heard it through the grapevine comes on, and we're just jammin in the car, singing the lyrics, busting a move to the song, at the top of our lungs, WE'RE SINGING IT BETTER THAN MARVIN..and this carried on for a good hour, as tune after tune played, oblivious to the other people in their cars, and probably oblivious to eachother actually, but at that moment, i realised, for the first time in a long time, i was happy.
And that got me thinking, i don't have these moments enough man.
I mean, I laugh everyday, because the most wasted of days are the one's without laughter, right? The moments can be with anyone, family or friends, and even total strangers, a certain Ms Meechan knows exactly what i mean, Buggin Out @ Bugged Out...good times.
After the journey home, we're in the car laughin' at ourselves at how crazy we are sometimes, that inbetween the seriousness of life, there are moments, that no matter how ridiculous you may look to everyone else, that you gotta have and embrace, where you can be a child again, that all the bullshit, all the bills, the stress, the love life, the everything, that we can still act as stupid as we want, because we can..and not give fuck either way.
I watch Richard Pryor alot, and have read his book twice, and i'm reading it again right now, he rode this ride until the wheels fel off, up until the day he died, and he said something that stuck with me, that i will carry with me forever, always remember to keep some sunshine on your face.
And i'll be damned if i let this shit get me down anymore and block my sunshine.
I'm working towards a goal at the moment, to become a copywriter, to finish my 5 year plan, to make the most of the opportunities i'm given, both in my personal and academic/professional life.
I know a person can't be happy all the time, because that would make life boring and mundane, this contrast between misery and joy is what allows us to acknowledge the good times and appreciate them more when they do happen.
At times we least expect. new people will walk through the door, and surprise us, just here to share a little of their sunhine with us. I hope while reading this you found a little bit of sunshine somehow, because i did, and if you have someone that wants to share their sunshine with you, then hey, Dr Pepper??

much love

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  1. LOL, i remember this night because, i txt Brian to see what he was up. Then later on you guys called me back and were singing MAGIC down the phone. Sounded crazy but fun. Never stop smiling. (smiles) xx