25 August 2009

Rich 'n' Me

thinking on my way into work this morning, albeit a very very tired thought, as i've slept for 2 hours, yet again, i was thinking about influencial people in my life, like family and friends and stuff, but also historical figures. The main one for me is Richard Pryor, if you don't know him, youtube him, he was undoubtedly the greatest comedian ever.

Pryor said and did things that most people at the time, the 60's and 70's, would have never dreamed about. And i think thats probably why i admire him so much, not just as a comedian, but as a person. His stand up comedy is hilarious, and to say the man is genius is an understatement, he's on crazy motherfucker

How does this relate to me, and my path i'm walking, well like Pryor, i do and say shit that some/most people who know me find a bit strange, but thats the cool thing, is that to me, these things sound perfectly plausible, but to everyone else, its odd, i love that shit.

I love it because it lets me know i'm not like everyone else, that tonight when my friends look at me funny for eating ice cream (H&D strawberry cheescake) and salty crackers that they're a seperate entity to me.

I don't particularly set out to be the odd ball but its just who i am, i embrace evrything and everyone to a degree, but i am also very aware of who and what i am, and if i am not in rhythm with my companions, maybe it is because i hear a different drummer, let me step to the beat wich i hear, no matter how measured or far away.

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