25 August 2009

I'm not afriad of storms...

Snow storms don't bother me, been in a couple, Brian and I, was quite an experience, both scary and fun at the same time...

Rain Storms don't bother me either, in fact i like them, sititng at home, under the covers, lights off, TV on watching your favourite show, Friends if you must know...
Sand Storms, who's scared of sand, no seriously??

hell it could be Desert Storm for all i care, none of these compares to the storms we face everyday. The moments when you have no clue what to do, when all seems dead and buried. You know somehow, no matter how bad it gets, we're always there to, as they say, weather the storm.

Yea sometimes it feels like we're alone, trapped on a dingy in the middle on nowhere, canned goods running out, dieing for a pee, and/or a KFC, and as far as the eye can see, is just water, lots and lots of water, and then it starts raining, but you know how it is, it never rains but it pours.
we have a ship to run, we have to keep this bitch afloat, we're the captain and commander, and yet 2 hands never seem enough in these most deperate of times. In my life, the storms have been represented by family, friends, girlfriends, school, work and even my own self torture, but at the end of it all, i look back and realise it was all just a storm in a teacup, each one no bigger than the other, i reckon we're just gonna have to ride it out, no matter how desolate and lost you may feel, it's all about perception. This is how i see it, and i'll reference my favourite subject here, love.

remember that girl or guy who you were so madly in love with, remember when they broke your heart and you thought that nothing would ever compare?

Then you found the someone you're with now, even if that someone is just yourself, how small and unimportant does that person now seem?? It's like this, if it was that bad then, and it's this good now, how awesome will it be the next time around....so just hold on for dear life, because nothing is more rewarding than knowing that you came through with a few bumps and bruises, a scar or two, but even scars dissappear, and so do storms, and once more the sea will be calm...for now.

I'm not afraid of Storms, for i'm simply learning how to sail my ship.
much love

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