25 August 2009

Special Mention

This blog i am dedicating to the women who we have had the pleasure of knowing, or still know. The one’s who showed us what it really means to be yourself, the ones who make us die inside every time we see or hear them cry, to see her sad hurts more than anything Dante could have put to paper.
Consider this my dedication to she who changed our lives forever, to she who we will always remember, to she who we once fell in love with, to she who we are in love with and to she who we will be in love with.
These good women are a testament to our souls, they are the ones who teach us more about ourselves than any before her, for us, she’s our wife, lover, friend, or ex. Some will be on left to walk their own path, but none shall be forgotten.
I firmly believe that in life you are allowed the privilege of having a woman walk into your life with the clothes on her back, and walk away with your soul in her pockets. This privilege happens at certain points in time when we least expect them to. This privilege we should always be grateful for, for one day we will sit back and remember just why we love women as we do. For all men, there is a living, breathing example of her in their life, a woman who we can spot in a crowd of thousands, someone who's scent will remain with you forever.
Respect and honour will belong to these women for all time,for there is in every true womans heart, a spark of havenly fire that lies dormant in the bright light of prosperity, but which kindles up and blazes and beams in the dark hours of adversity and new day of affection and love.
True Women (womyn) of the world, a salute from idontliketea.

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