25 August 2009

Name your price

I've recently become the subject, or rather the patient of patience, if that works.
For reasons i can't divulge right now, but i live in hope that the cause which i anxiously wait for is worthy of my patience.
Naturally we are all forced to be calm and collected at certain points in our lives, because the manifestation of all these virtues will be our reward.
We may not see it at the time, we may not even see it when it happens, but the day will come and we'll realise that playing the waiting game, for the right reasons, is the most challenging, yet satisfying game of all, and i'm not one for games, but i do endorse this one.
In the 1700's there was a political philosopher and theorist name Edmund Burke, Burke was a man of many words having been a member of Parliament for some time in his life, and being what some claim to be the founder of modern conservatism, and regardless of his political stance the man knew about patience. As the opposition to imperialism and the French Revolution he became respected by his peers more for his ability to think individually and not as they would want him....
ok this isn't a history lesson, lol, just thought i'd add some background, anyway, he believed that our patience will achieve more than our force, and i carry that with me everyday, because i know, that no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you try to convince someone otherwise, there are just some things that, even if they agree with you, they can only do so in their time.
I try my best to not force people into things, to not usher them in the direction my path leads, but to observe and show them, that maybe, one day, we can walk our paths together side by side.
Patiece is always a good thing to have, to harness and hold, but I'm not a fool, and i'm sure we all know that abused patience turns to anger. Something i was told a long time ago by my mum, have a price and when it gets too expensive, you have to get out, name your price.
I think the line beware the fury of a patient man is something we should all take head of, but thats another blog for another day

much love.

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