18 November 2010

What Men Want

Yup, i'm about to go there, we've all heard about what women want, we've all watched "What Women Want" and if you haven't, fellas, you need to. I was reading Brothers With No Game and it got me thinking about what MEN want, out of a woman, a potential partner to be. Having spoken with  few good men, we came up with some things we think have become universal prerequisites for Mrs Right, not Mrs Right Now.

Here we go.....

Yup, that's the first thing we as men see, we don't know about you, your job, your family, or your daddy issuesinsecurities, all we see is your beauty. As shallow as it sounds i think it's fair to say that there isn't a single man on this Earth who crossed a crowded room to go and speak to an ugly stranger. I know that's hard to take for some people, but let's be real about this, we all do it, man or woman, i just think maybe men focus more on aesthetics because of our egos. We want to walk down the street with a woman that OTHER women look at and think, "damn."

More commonly known these days as "swagger." How does she carry herself around company, is she the quiet type who sits back and observes and speaks when necessary? Is she the bold, intelligent one, the funny one with all the jokes but seemingly the smartest of her crew too?
Believe it or not, men take this into account once we've now established you fit the above criteria. We'll observe you mannerisms, your dress sense, (slutty or sexy, slutty is no bueno.) the way you speak, how you walk, how you deal with other guys who approach you with their Gung ho attitude. Believe me, the smart men analyse all of these things, how you conduct yourself is certainly in the Top 5 things when we're considering a potential.

As they say, "your attitude determines your altitude" and this is never more true than when we first speak to you. We've gone through our first two steps and plucked up the courage to come and speak to you, so the next 30-45 seconds will tell us whether you're wifey or trifey. I have spoken to many a woman and within the first minute of speaking to her, i've already made up my mind if this is worth pursuing for one of two reasons. Is she worth getting to know on a deeper emotional, intellectual level, or is she worth me chatting up and taking her home, never to speak to her again after tonight? This is how we think, we're men, it's not complicated, it's one or the other, we're not trying to change you or mould you into what we want you to be, we just want what we see, and if that's a potential girlfriend, or just a potential orgasm, we'll find out based on your....attitude.

Hey, congratulations, you made it past the first 3 steps, but what more do we want, surely there can't be more? Au contraite mon frere, we have a few more questions: Do you care? Simple question, diverse answer. Are you a carer? Do you look after those around you? can you cook well, because that's the easiest way to a man's heart, you skills in the kitchen and the home. As medieval as that may sound, we all want a woman who we know can rustle up a meal out of nothing, who you can come home to from Sunday League, battered and bruised and know she'll want to, not have to, take care of your injuries for you.. It's more than the fact you can cook or clean, it's the fact that you're a provider, as women look for a man who is stable financially and has the building blocks to erect a house, we look for a woman who can make that house a home.

This one, for me personally, surpasses all before it. Passion. I look for the passion in you, the drive and ambition to go against the grain, to be who you want to be, not who others think you should be. A severe lesson i learned this year is that Passion trumps Reason, and contrary to popular belief, let Passion guide you, don't allow reason to blind you. Men want passion from the Woman we seek, we don't want Reason, with all of it's explanations and definitions and logic, that's what we're here for. As nature goes, we're the one's who take things at face value, so we gotta have you with all of your passion and emotion to balance that out for us.
I'd rather live with Passions Pride than Reasons Regret.

These are only five things that me and a small group of men think are absolute when scouring the Earth for the woman we want to end up with. It's no perfect, it's not the blueprint to how all women are, far from it, it's simply what men want....Part 1.

So ladies and gents, what do you think, have i gone too deep on this, what is your criteria, do you agree with the above, if not, why not? Holla at ya boy.

Stay Up
(Part 2 coming Winter 2010 - sex, respect, support, "me time" and your friends.)


  1. Nicely done! Totally agree with all the above, especially "Nurture", we're all mummy's boys at heart. Most women understand the importance of being able to take care of men but there are still a fall by the way side. Cooking should be a necessity when you get to a certain age, regardless of gender.

    'Passion trumps Reason' very interesting concept, nicely put. Looking forward to adding to this with our post.


  2. I agree with everything you said, truth be told, passion is the sole reason i found love, all reason does is create regrets.
    The joke is we truly are simply creatures, though we live complicted lives, I believe a good woman brings simplicity to it.
    Another post i can be proud to put my stamp of approval on.

  3. what happened to part 2 of this?!

    (Part 2 coming Winter 2010 - sex, respect, support, "me time" and your friends.)

    i need to read this!!!!!! lol

  4. Fear of God is my number one! will dismiss every other attribute if that is missing

  5. I agree with all of the above... Need to find me a dude that thinks the same way ;-)