21 March 2010

you might see me smiling, but.....

where to start is always the hardest part for me when it comes to my posts, regardless of circumstance, i've always found this the hardest bit in a lot of things i do, but once i get into it, there's no stopping me, which is kind of how my life is, how my love life is to be more exact.

You know when you meet someone and you don't really have any set agenda or intentions, you're just two people, two relative strangers even, just colliding in this life, both on your own distinct paths, that's kind of how i've become as i've grown up, just taking each person for who they are, and developing a bond, a friendship, a love, with that person.

You know how as that bond develops you start to notice those little quirks of theirs, seemingly personalised just for you, where you create something that neither of you can put your finger on, that "something" makes you wonder how you only met this person now, at this point in time, after all the drama and bullshit you've had to endure in your life, when this person has been there all along.

You know how it all comes crashing down when you realise just how much you don't want this person not in your life, so you think you'd do anything to keep them there, selfishly, even if in the smallest capacity. Because who else is gonna reply to those midnight texts, or those 3am drunken calls that make you laugh harder than you've ever laughed before. You know when you become like a piece of elastic with them, no matter how far you stretch it, it always comes back to the place it began.

You know how complicated the world is too right?, like how some things will never be as straight forward as you hope, that all the little tests in life sometimes become embodied in one person, that this complicated world is the reason you only met them now and not before.

You know when the elastic breaks, and you also just know that regardless of whichever method you choose to put it back together again, it just won't be the same, maybe you pulled too hard or not enough, maybe you knew all along that the two of you were just like the elastic, comprised of all this energy, if the elastic isn't being stretched, that energy is useless....so what do you do now, with half a piece of elastic?

see what i mean?, starting this blog i really didn't have a clue how i was going to get to where i wanted to be, but i like how this came out, just a short story on something that's happened far too often....i'm just gonna let this soak for a bit.

"there's never a right time to say goodbye"

Stay Up


  1. get some amazing super glue, stick the pieces of elastic together and insure it with this reliable insurance ive heard called 'friendship'. that way whatever happens youll be covered : )

  2. maybe your new piece of elastic isn't half of one, but an entirely new one for you to share with someone else??...everything has a reason.

  3. you got mail x

  4. Wow! I like this... the elastic, the meaning.... the everything in this post...

  5. Love this Mikeypoo;) one of your best entries mw thinketh..