25 August 2009

New Blog

ok so my last blog wasn't allowing me to post new blogs in it for some reason or the other, bureaucrats etc.

And as i'm THAT bored/suicidal at work, i've decided to migrate to idontliketea2...all new and improved, well, not really, different toilet, same shit ultimately...

if you've not read my blog before, have a gander through the posts, see if anything inspires you, angers you or just reminds you of that queezy feeling you get when you pass through Ilford East London...oh shut up, you know it smells there.
it's not in chronolocgical order, as i'd have to be some kind of time machine wielding mad man to have all these things happen to me in the space of a day, so it starts form April "common sense is a commodity" up until this post.

anyway, enjoy, leave a comment if you feel the need to, i encourage all kinds of foolishness around here.

much love

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