25 August 2009

Dreams vs Reality (guest blog)

How should I start this off hmmm….I know, let me talking about this from my point of view. This is something I struggle with daily. In a world where C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) it’s hard to pay the vast amount of bills that this country has accumulated, being the country with the highest amount of taxes and still have time to follow your dreams. How do go about doing so to begin with??

Most people know for certain what they want to do when they grow up before they go to university some even before they finish school….but if there are people like me in the world I only realized what I wanted to do after I went to university, graduated and got a job in said industry.

Don’t think I’ve mentioned the industry as yet (IT) for those of you that are intrigued, I’m an Application Support Technician (try saying that three times lol) after about eight months of this I realized that I can’t be doing this kind of job for the rest of life…..there is nothing worse than sitting on a crappy office chair looking at numbers & code FUCK dat shit!! (Excuse my French) so I thought to myself J.R. what do you love doing A: watching TV & Films, Q: Do you watch movies & think of shit that could have made a scene better, A: HELL YEAH!!...........and just like that my mind was made up, I always toyed with the idea of writing scripts and stuff but never had the balls to do it. Fuck it, if Quentin Tarantino used to work in a fricking video shop before he started writing why the hell can’t I do it??

But REALITY is a bitch and I hate her……as with DREAMS you have to balance it with the REAL world, and in my REAL world I have mad bills to pay not to mention a mortgage (I know right!!) I’m not gonna go into the whole reason behind why my life is not normal for a 22 year old guy but whateva. I’m a firm believer in attempting to pursue your dreams regardless of how out of reach they may seem, after all I’m sure people dreamed of colour television, which so happens to be a reality.

What’s even funnier is one of my aunties told me “you can’t get everything you want” to be honest with you the thought never entered my mind some would say it is the arrogance of being young, but I say “nothing happens unless first we dream”…. after all the “President is black” if this is not the era when dreams can become reality we might as well give up now, what if Sean Combs didn’t dream of taking over the music industry, what if Christopher Wallace didn’t pick up a mic, what if Michael Phelps didn’t decide to start swimming or Usain Bolt taken up basketball instead of Sprinting?? One can only wonder……

I shall leave you with a quote for Anais Nin (if you don’t know who it is....Google!!)
“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”
Envisioned byNanjiro Enzo

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