25 August 2009

Common sense is a commodity

this has all been a long time coming to be honest, been reading/obsessing over Dave Trotts blog since January 09 and always thought, "i should start a blog."
So here i am, starting this blog, welcoming you into the odd world of Idontliketea, its a strange place really, but hopefully, you'll enjoy it, if you don't, tell me, if you do, tell someone else.
There won't be any specific subject which i will blog on, advertising stuff will feature alot, i'm an ad student, which i love, but other things will be bloggen about, anything really, lets see where life takes me.

recently alot of things have been happening at work where people lack simple common sense, these are university educated people, most of them are architechts and engineers, and i find alot of them haven't a clue what's going on.

example: there are 3 doors, one on the right, one on the left and a revolving door in the middle, the right one and the revolving one are locked...what would you do...check the left one(which is open) obviously, not the people i work with, they stand there looking at the doors, some even walk away, some phone up and ask why they can't get into the building, it amazes me, if common sense were a stock, it would PLUMMET, "today common sense fell 10 points on the NASDAQ"

so i got to thinking and eventually came to a conclusion, just because someone is educated, does not mean they are intelligent.
just a thought.

Dave Trotts blog

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