9 November 2010

Enough Is Enough

Every now and then the women on my social networks and in my personal life get a bout of man hating in their system. I don't know what it is, but it seems to come from a place of such anger and distaste that it became the impetus to an ambitious twenty-something male who's absolutely had it up to here *raises hand above head* with this new found disdain for ALL men, yea i said it, ALL men, apparently fellas, "all men ain't shit".

Oh, you know not of which i speak? Well allow me to retort.
These are but some of the things i've read/had said to me about my gender as a holistic entity

"anyone with a penis...I FU**ING HATE YOU"
"you men make me sick, all of you are cheating bu***rds"
"why are men such ar****les"
"yea, well f**k you and f**k Call Of Duty"

Now, these are but a quick snapshot of a whole list of things i have been reading on my twitter of late, i don't have all day, so i've listed my favourites.
The treatment of men as if we are all guilty of the same crime, the minority has now become the majority according to these bitter women.
Allow me to remind those with short term memory loss about "us men" which you hate so vehemently.

Us men who make you feel so unashamedly happy and smug when you know that the way he makes you feel has no equal.
Us men who you will speak non-stop about to anyone or anything within a 20meter radius of your mouth
Us men whom, for all intents and purposes are the one's you define with an entire r&b album
Us men who through being who we truly are, are what you look for in your future, someone who'll wholeheartedly bend over backwards for you when you need us to be there for you, even if we know it's been snowing for a week and there's the steepest hill where you live, will be there.
Us men who, come rain sleet, hail or the aforementioned snow, will do anything to make you forget that bitch from Finance and do our utmost to make you smile.

But that's just us men, the dogs we are, the selfish heartless bustards, just waiting to get a leg over you and every other oxygen breathing female out there.

Let me tell ya'll who hate us so much, if you don't like us, lump us, dump us or become a lesbian, because believe me, misery loves company, and misery seems to be a female and her friends these days.

Maybe, just maybe, you should take a good, long, hard look in that invention you love so much, the mirror, because maybe all men ain't shit, maybe the men that YOU attract ain't shit.

But hey, You Go Girl, and keep on going, past Bitter Avenue, take a left on Lonely Boulevard and stop when you get to a town called Single And Alone, population...one

Yes, we're not perfect, but we're a damn sight more than you give us credit for.

I hope you're enjoying painting all men with your Sunshine Anderson brush.

hate it or love it, these are my words, and i'm not taking a single one of them back.

rant over.

Stay Up
(and yes i realise the irony of having a Maya Angelou quote at the top, but i know she'd have my back on this one)


  1. "Maybe, just maybe, you should take a good, long, hard look in that invention you love so much, the mirror, because maybe all men ain't shit, maybe the men that YOU attract ain't shit"

    This one paragraph encapsulates the essence of why women will always be unhappy, to all those bitter women who believe this rant to be unfounded, just remember, the good guy you turned down for the bad boy, will end up making some other woman happy. While your bad boy, will have you adding another notch to the life of bad choices.

  2. The funniest thing about this is the hypocrisy of it all. Men do exactly the same thing " u bitches ain't shit" etc etc. It's the nature of the world love. if u choose to include yourself in the category of a "dog" then that's u. Women are emotional and whether u like it or not, a lot of men are nothing but dogs and that doesn't always come down to who u choose to be with. I recognise many women make bad relationship choices and then feel the need to badmouth the entire gender, but there are also many women who have been treated like shit and whenever they voice those opinions are accused of being bitter and angry. Try stepping into our shoes for a minute, think about all the men/friends u know who have treated a girl like shit, cheated on her, lied to her, fucked her friend and then try to understand why so many women are angry.

  3. Annonymous No.2, the point of the post is that all i seem to be seeing is women complaining and moaning about men, and subjecting, not the man who treated her badly, but all men to the same negative opinion.

    I feel what you're saying, and i agree with it, but what the blog pertains to is the constant brandishing of all men being the same, as one of the men who is not as you described, i take it personally when compared and even equalled to the men who treat their women like shit.

  4. PS, Anon #2...have you ever considered the shoes of the men out there who fall short because of the perception that all men are the same??

  5. some us actually love crazy women, correction, emotionally unstable.
    An emotional woman is an honest woman.

  6. The worst thing about "some" guys is that they equate being a "dog" or all the negative opinions to just the relationship stage. I've seen an abundance of men verbally " degrading" and exposing past women no matter how good of a guy they were during their relationship. I try to never generalise because I hate when it's done to me, but i never take it personally. The majority will always overrule the minority I'm afraid, so if u know who u are what does it even matter? I know for a fact not all men are dogs, but that was a case of trial and error. If u refer to women as bitches, should I be offended? If u think there are men who fall short because of the negative perceptions, then maybe those men need to take a step back and really think about what women they are trying to be with. U can only fall short if u dont believe what u offer as a man is good enough.

  7. in the grand scheme of things, at one point or another we've all degraded, bad mouthed an ex.
    I think maybe the major difference between men and women, is that women will express that through any for of communication at their disposal, men won't.
    I don;t think it's about whether or not you don't see yourself as "better" than the stereotype, i think what Mike is getting at is that it seems to be standard procedure for women nowadays to "male-bash" and its accepted because, the stereotype is a strong one.
    Ref the above comment, the men who fall short aren't to blame, they're attracted to her for who she is, not for who she's been with, that's what they want, HER, not her AND her narrow opinion on men, which sadly, a lot of women can't seem to set aside, which inevitably blinds them to the good guys who'll prove her wrong at every turn.

  8. can open, worms everywhere, lol

  9. Some of the comments you've been reading in your timeline merely reflect where some people are in their lives right now. That's both the good and had of veichles such as twitter - you get a blow by blow account of EVERYTHING that people are feeling. Does it make it ok for someone to defame ahalf of the human race - no. But it is what it is. That's the good thing about Twitter - if they're really ticking you off block them. Otherwise, if you're a good guy keep doing what hurr doing. The women who aren't in that place may not appreciate you now (or maybe ever) but someone will.

  10. Hopeful Rom, it's not JUST twitter, but those were the examples i gave, i do however hear what you're saying, and appreciate it just as much.

  11. It's nice to see the male perspective on things! As a female I don't think every man should be tarnished with the same brush NO MATTER WHAT A WOMAN HAS BEEN THROUGH for the simple reason EVERY guy is NOT the same. Not every guy will lie, cheat on you, treat you like crap, and s--t all over you... BUT I completely understand why women are more wary when a guy says he's different if she has been hurt and treated badly previously. It doesn't make it right for her to bash all men and it will not help her to move forward in life... Women who man-hate on a regular will not see what else is out there and will not open themselves up to the type of nice guy they want. There's nothing more unattractive than a bitter woman and that's coming from another woman. Maybe I'm too optimistic but I think... take a leap of faith, just go for it. If you get hurt, you get hurt that's part of life you get over it and move on. But if you don't, you never know what you might have had.